Unique Ways to Effectively Promote a Product

There’s a lot of work that goes into setting up a new business or company, or even just introducing a new product or service. Not only will you have to make sure the quality is top-notch, you’ll also need to promote it. For how else can you get word of your new product to the people who will be using it?

With the many ingenious innovations of varying use out in the market, you’ll need to come up with creative methods of marketing in order to get noticed. We’ve listed some of the unique ways by which you can effectively promote your product below:

  1. Submit a video contest

Not a lot people typically enter video contests, and those who do tend to be more serious about the craft. This means that you’re likely to get a high caliber of video content sent in, which can be very valuable to your business in the future.

  1. Online Voting Contests

The upside to voting contests is that they’re fairly easy to to participate in. Just a click, and your vote is submitted! So you can anticipate a lot of entries coming in, the data of which you can also use to create a mini-study for succeeding marketing strategies.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags.

Building your social media following is in itself a business strategy. To do so, you’ll need to actively participate in the online community, which translates to regular postings and fun interactions with other customers over the internet. Using hashtags to promote your product is a very effective way to get word of your business out there, and can streamline relevant posts about your products, as well.

  1. Commission a new mural

We live in an urban jungle – so why not utilize the walls and buildings that you see around you to commission a new mural for that promotes your business? Remember to choose a prominent area (and get permission!) so that a lot of people can pass by it and see your mural. You can even have custom pop up tents manned by staff around the area for a day or two to answer any questions that passersby might have regarding the mural and what its promoting.

Check out commercial tents.

  1. Uncommon Sponsors

Partner up with sponsors that, on first thought, might not be in line with your products or business, but actually makes creative sense. This can even be a fun opportunity to spread awareness of your product to people who would otherwise not have found your company.

  1. Get help from bloggers and fellow entrepreneurs.

Networking is an important aspect of businesses, whether it be over the internet or offline. There are a lot of bloggers on cyberspace, each with their own strong followings, so it’s a great resource to tap into when you need to promote a new product. Similarly, your fellow entrepreneurs – who happen to not be your competitors in business – can also help promote what you’re trying to offer via their own network of customers and friends.

Social media has added to the growing number of ways by which business owners can market their own products. But with the huge number of like-minded individuals and companies making use of various marketing platforms to promote their products or services, find unique ways to stand out can be a challenge. How do you promote your product?

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