Unique Things to do in Leicester

The city of Leicester is Britain’s tenth largest city, and it’s one of its oldest ones. There is never a shortage of things to see and do in this amazing city, including both historical and contemporary activities. Leicester is an incredible cultural hub too, so no even if it is the corner of the city, there’s bound to be something interesting going on.

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Prepare to explore space

The National Space Centre is UK’s biggest attraction that’s dedicated to all things space. It’s a topic that’s attractive to a mind of any age, so the space centre is easily fun for all groups and ages. It’s also an enormous building that houses a wide array of inner attractions, most of which you can get easily immersed in for days. From the magical planetarium, several interactive galleries, a rocket tower, and even a simulation of how a journey to Jupiter’s moon Europa would be.

Learn about the animal kingdom

Gorse Hill City Farm is one of the most popular family-friendly attractions in the entire region around the city. It’s an ideal learning spot about how different animals behave and function, as the farm is entirely approved to keep different not-as-popular breeds of animals. There are hundreds of different breeds on the farm, and the farm itself is part of a community project that’s ideal for school visits, but you can also volunteer yourself.

Throw a party

Since Leicester is one of the oldest cities in Britain, it’s become one of its most important cultural hubs. Because of that, it has evolved into an ideal destination for any kind of party. From weddings to private parties, to corporate retreats, this is a city that will absolutely accommodate you for any need. On top of that, it’s extremely easy to find an ideal venue, as there are more than enough amazing ones in the city. Hall hire Leicester is the way to go, as you’d have your own dedicated venue for the party, which is why you should check out Venuefinder to find your ideal location.

Experience Film

If you want to indulge yourself in art and culture while in Leicester, then you definitely need to visit the Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre. It’s a venue dedicated to film in all shapes and forms, so you can expect to find everything from mainstream films, to arthouse ones. It’s located at the very heart of the city’s cultural life and hosts several festivals and workshops throughout the year.

Take in peek under the hood of theatre

The Curve Theatre in Leicester is known for doing things differently. Instead of privately practising their roles, so that the actors can the flawlessly perform them, the entire process is laid bare in front of the audience. There is no backstage area in this theatre, which is only one of the many differences with other theatres. This institution’s mission is educational, as it intends anyone to be able to learn everything about the artistic process behind plays and theatre.

Leicester is home to some of the most fascinating attractions in the UK. It’s a city that will easily keep you occupied for a long time, and you’ll definitely want to see more of it.

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