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While running a business, whether big or small, your main intention is to focus on your business engagement. Customers are the ones for which you are trying to create this wonderful experience. So, if you actually want to get some good returns from your business, it is really important that you get along with customer engagement and management practices.

Unless you are sure about how you want to work with your customers, things might not fall into the right places, to say the least. It is really important to know more about Marketo, as one of the leading software, designed to help you keep a track of your customers and proper business management, with ease.

Solutions digital marketing needs:

Just from advocacy to the acquisition, it is really important to drive some measurable results and that’s when Marketo comes into action. Right from helping you out with lead management to email marketing, consumer marketing to even customer base marketing, you can rely on this team for addressing all your needs under one panel.

Furthermore, this noted company is known to house the best mobile marketing help, which is one major need under the digital marketing category. If people are aiming for revenue attribution or some help with account-based marketing, this platform is the one for you.

  • This Marketo is the first name that comes to your mind whenever you are looking for predictive content. In case, you are looking for Marketo Sales connect, this platform is the one to consider.
  • Even it helps in providing the business owners with account insights and profiling as some of the basic help to cover up in this regard.
  • The next time you need help with marketing automation or email, this platform is the one for you. On the other hand, you can get this team to work on social, digital ads, web and marketing as some of the added features.

The reasons to use marketing automation:

Before you plan to get answers on what is Marketo, it is really important to learn more about marketing automation as the initial stage of it all. If you ever ask some of the pros about the impact of a promising system like Marketo, then you will receive an option as these are game-changers for the entire organization. 

  • Being a SaaS marketing based automation platform, Marketo is widely designed to help automate the current procedure of just engaging with some of the existing and prospective customers through the field of digital channels.
  • These systems are no doubt essential to the modernized B2B marketer as the buyers over here are self-directed most of the time and get to control their purchasing cycle more than most of the vendors controlling their selling cycles.

Perfect for recording customers’ behavior:

Apart from the points mentioned already, it is clearer for you to know that Marketo helps in recording customer behaviors. It will always include the use of the site of the customers, the pages or the sites that have been viewed and their length of time they have dedicated to spent on site. It will further help in recording the time and date of the customer visited.

  • There are some added customers’ data that might get recorded here as well, such as job title, company, home address, name, and email address. It will further include the phone number here.
  • The information as collected will remain stored in the database of Marketo for quicker analysis and access when the right time comes or the need arises. This platform is primarily created on Google Cloud and it helps in integrating multiple Google-based services.
  • This option can widely be used by some of the medium businesses and will offer packages for focusing on areas under email marketing, lead management, customer base marketing, consumer marketing and even that of mobile marketing.
  • This stage can further provide customizable items for multiple industries. Some of those will include healthcare, media, technology, manufacturing, and higher education.
  • There are similar other platforms available as well and you could try working on anyone you like among the lot. Some of the other alternative options to proceed further within here are Hubspot, Eloqua, ActON, Pardot, Expiriture, SharpSpring, and even Marketing Optimizer.

Getting along a historical path:

It was in the year 2006 when Marketo came into being by none other than Jon Miller, Phil Fernandez and David Morandi. The main goal of this trio is to help the CMO and the allotted teams to demonstrate ROI for the chosen marketing programs.

It was in the year 2008 when this firm first introduced its product, called Marketo Lead Management, followed by another program known as Marketo Sales Insight in 2009. Later, in the year 2010, it came up with Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics.

In the year 2012, Marketo completed the first acquisition by getting hands-on Crowd Factory, which further helped the firm to add some of the best social media-based marketing capabilities into the application suite. Later, this firm introduced LaunchPoint in 2012, designed for the marketing nation of the technology partners and even some of the professional service providers. 

Addressing the value of Marketo Engage:

If you are trying to get hands-on the modernized version of Marketo, then this Marketo Engage is the one that you might want to channel. There are multiple features, waiting for you to grab through this program.

  • It helps in nurturing the potential customer’s right from inquiry to the final close by managing the strategic accounts and leads with CRM integrations.
  • You have account-based marketing, which helps in creating ABX by partnering up with sales. It helps in creating key and engaging accounts to measure success.

You get the opportunity to use predictive analytics and machine learning through Marketo Engage, which put the relevant content in front of every buyer across the channel. So, try to get hold of this program and only from the original creator here. There are multiple options available and you will come to learn about it upon starting the usage value.

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