Ultrabooks Vs Tablets

Ever since the release of the iPad in 2010, tablets have exploded in popularity and what was once considered to be a very niche product is now competing with mobile phones and PCs as one of the most popular consumer products on the market.

A knock-on effect of tablets becoming so popular in the last few years is the ever-increasing number of Ultrabooks that are available.   ‘Ultrabooks’ was a term coined by Intel and whilst the definition of what classifies a laptop as an Ultrabook is not set in stone, they’re generally high-performance machines that are long-lasting and have good battery life. Due to the high performance and convenience that tablets offer consumers, laptops have had to work to close the gap as much as possible. So which to go for – Ultrabook or tablet?

Factors to consider

Because both Ultrabooks and tablets have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to think carefully before deciding where to invest your money. When deciding on which to purchase, there are certain key questions you should ask yourself. Some good questions to consider are:

  • What do you need it for? This is one of the biggest questions to ask yourself when deciding which device you’re going to purchase. In most cases, the device won’t just be used for one thing but if you’re going to be using it for a lot of work-related tasks and word processing then an Ultrabook would certainly be the preferred option. A big strength of Ultrabooks is that they offer the best of both worlds when it comes to entertainment and the ability to do work tasks.
  • What models are available? – This is another key consideration. After all it’s not just the device itself that’s going to determine how much you enjoy using it, but the model of Ultrabook or tablet that you purchase. For tablets there are a number of excellent models available such as the ever-popular iPad by Apple as well as the Samsung’s Galaxy series. As for Ultrabooks, the Toshiba Kira is one of the leading models currently available on the market and features an extremely high resolution touchscreen display amongst other features.
  • What is your available budget? – The budget you have available is always going to play a big role when making any major purchase. Whilst Ultrabooks are typically more expensive than tablets, the range of features they offer justifies the extra price. If you’re on a limited budget then a tablet might be the better option

For more factors to consider when deciding on whether to purchase an ultrabook or a tablet, check out this comprehensive article published by Information Week.

The best way to ensure you make the right decision when choosing between an Ultrabook or tablet is to do as much research as possible. Make a shortlist of models that you’re interested in and compare features side by side. It’s also useful to watch videos on YouTube to see how different devices perform in the real world. With so many models to choose from, you certainly won’t be stuck for choice.

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