The Only 3 Things You Need to Keep in Mind When Buying a Tablet

People own tablets for various reasons. From watching videos, playing games, connecting on social media platforms such as Facebook, working, sending emails, etc. whichever your reason is for owning a tablet, you would want to get the right one for you.

Whether it is your first time to own a tablet or you’ve had one before and are looking to change for a better one, you’ve come to the right post.

Choosing the right tablet can sometimes be overwhelming. And there a good reason for this. With the many tablet devices available, choosing the right device for you can be a daunting task, especially for first-time buyers.


This shouldn’t be the case, though. By knowing what you need your tablet for and the types of tablets available, choosing the right tablet for you can be as easy as A, B, C, D.  

Read along to learn the basics of choosing a tablet.

1.   It Starts by Knowing Why You Need a Tablet

Just like when buying any other device, it is essential to ask yourself why you need to buy a tablet. Do you want to use it for work, watch movies, play games, or read posts? 

If you want a tablet for gaming you may want to pick one with a higher resolution and the latest Snapdragon processor. 

You may also consider buying a tablet and use it as a retail kiosk where customers can browse offers and even leave feedback. In which case you would need associated accessories. For instance, you would need specific Galaxy tab wall mounts to deploy Samsung tabs in various retail scenarios.

Remember, just like laptops, smartphones, and computers, there are myriads of tablets on the market to choose from. They vary in terms of sizes, operating systems, and capabilities. Note down what you need a tablet for – it’s what you need to do with your tablet that will determine what type of tablet you’ll buy.

2.   Consider the Operating System

Choosing the operating system is the main choice you’ll have to make. The operating systems for tablets fall into three categories:  Android, iOS, and Windows.


Google developed the Android operating system. Due to the increased number of devices that run it, it is arguably the most popular mobile operating system. It comes with numerous apps in Google Play and several Google services, including Hangouts, Google Now, Google Maps, Google Calendar, YouTube, Chrome Browser, Google Photos, Play Music, Google Drive, and many more.

There are numerous devices to choose from, and they come at a relatively lower price compared to Windows and iOS devices. It’s the go-to device if Google services mean something to you.


iOS is what runs the iPad, an extra-ordinary device that came into the market in 2010. Apple devices are known to be of high quality. IOS comes with an easy-to-use interface and numerous custom apps, including iMessage, that allows apple users to send free messages with each other.

It’s a suitable device if you like Apple services such as iTunes.


If you’re looking for something close to traditional computing experience, then windows tablets might be ideal for you. While it isn’t available on many devices (compared to Android and iOS), it remains an ideal choice for those using Office and Microsoft products.

Windows boasts of more than 200,000 touch-friendly apps and a host of reliable parental control systems.

3.   Tablet Features

In line with the use of the tablet and the operating system, you’ll also want to consider the features that you want your tablet to have. To that end, here are some tablet features you ought to consider:

Screen Size

You surely need to be careful when choosing the screen size for your tablet. Remember, unlike other aspects of your tablet, screen size cannot be upgraded. While a big screen will cost you more, if you’ll watching games and playing games on your tablet, it would be ideal.

Tablets come in various sizes, ranging between 6’’ and 18.4’’.


You’ll also want to check at the storage size of your device. This is important because some devices don’t come with expandable storage options.

If you go for a device without an expandable storage option, ensure that it has reasonable storage. In most cases, a device with more storage is likely to cost more, so keep that in mind.


Another critical feature to consider when buying a tablet is battery life. Remember, you’ll be using your device outdoors, and so it doesn’t make to buy a device with a battery that can’t last a couple of hours.


You want your device to run smoothly, right? Ensure to buy a device with a quad-core processor. As a rule of the thumb, consider going for a higher GHz and a bigger RAM. Even so, be sure to do in-depth research to ensure you choose a device that can perform according to your preference.

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