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Experts in every field should have proper professional skills and knowledge. These capacities are attained through deliberate study during several months, or even years. A valuable certifications’ and high-tech IT processes provider Cisco offers a reliable plan to study and acquire skills through training, exams, and certifications. Thus, one needs to study and practice their knowledge using the best resources available following by taking and successfully passing the required tests. In this view, the Cisco 400-101 exam which leads to the certification of the expert level is among the must-have assessments networking professionals need to take to get the cutting-edge preference in the profession visit website

In this article, we propose reference to the test details, and the top resources to prepare for it.


400-101 Exam and the Following CCIE R&S Credential

Cisco has several certification levels that professionals can go through to acquire skills, pass a test, and earn the certification. These stages include entry, associate, professional, expert, and architect levels. We’ll talk now about an expert-level 400-101 two-parts exam leading to the acquisition of the CCIE Routing and Switching (CCIE R&S) credential. 

As you plan for 400-101 exam, don’t forget to sit for it before February 24, 2019. The assessment is among others set to become obsolete on February 23, 2019 as Cisco is replacing some of its exams. By passing it by this date, you are gaining the CCIE R&S certification that you’ll earn credits for once the new tests are rolled out, and candidates will be required to pass them. The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification will replace the current CCIE R&S one.

Exam 400-101 Overview

So, the assessment has two parts. You’ll have to take the written and the lab exams to qualify for the expert credential. Cisco 400-101 targets to test your expertise in configuring, validating, and troubleshooting complex business network architectures. Other areas include the grasp of how architecture components interoperate and translating functional essentials into specific configurations for devices. Passing 400-101 exam is a valid proof that you can carry out the above mentioned tasks successfully.

What You Need to Do to Pass Exam 400-101

You’ll be required advanced experience and knowledge to correctly answer 400-101 written exam questions and successfully perform the lab test tasks. Passing the written test is a prerequisite for proceeding to the lab-based part. Here, you’ll be required to fulfill certain requirements including attaining a specific passing score to qualify. Cisco doesn’t give the exact passing scores for their tests as they’re subject to changes once in a while. 

The written 400-101 exam has 90-110 questions with 2 hours given to complete the test. The questions might include drag-and-drops, testlets, fill-in-the-blanks, simlets, multiple choices, and simulations. The cost of the test is $450.

Both the written and the lab tests have the same topics except for Evolving Technologies which is missing in the lab test:

•    Network-based principles

•    Layer 2 technologies

•    Layer 3 technologies

•    Infrastructure technology

•    VPN technologies

•    Infrastructure services 

•    Evolving technologies

Here a candidate must perform network configuration and troubleshooting tasks within 8 given hours. This lab exam will cost you $1600.

Cisco Resources to Study and Pass 400-101 Exam

You should be careful in selecting materials for 400-101 test revision since not every resource purporting to help you pass the test will necessarily do so. The vendor provides you with valuable training courses, guides, practice tests to ensure you have an in-depth grip of the necessary topics, here are the top resources to use for 400-101 exam.

  • Self-Study Resources
  • Cisco’s learning platform provides candidates with great resources and tips that can be used for your CCIE R&S exam prep. Located on Cisco’s website, they include:
  • Evolving Technologies Study Resources
  • Lab Exam Study and Exam Taking Tips
  • Spanning Tree Protocols Initial Concepts
  • Routing and Switching Troubleshooting Tips, and much more
  • Practical Labs

Acquiring hands-on based experience can only be possible if you use labs to practice. Using Cisco’s lab environment is the most recommended way to acquire these skills. These are labs to benefit from:

  • Virtual Internet Routing Labs (Cisco VIRL PE)
  • Modelling Labs
  • Learning Groups

Connecting and studying with other candidates preparing to take 400-101 exam is also another way to polish up for the validation. Sharing ideas and gained experience, asking questions, are some of the things you can do in these study groups. 

  • Cisco Training Library

The Cisco Platinum Learning Library is an online certification platform covering various products and technology training programs. This learning resource is accessible through subscription. The platform gives you access to complete interactive courses, lab training, and multiple reference materials.

Exam Labs Tips and Training Materials for Exam 400-101

This acknowledged website offers vetted training resources that are opening you plentiful learning and employment opportunities by easily passing the exam. 

  • Don’t hesitate to taste 400-101 Premium Bundle, proposing you a unique opportunity to get 3 types of valuable materials all in one package just for $39.98! You can also opt for purchasing Premium Files separately for $29.99, a Training Course, and a Study Guide each for $17.99.
  • Alternatively, open up for Cisco 400-101 Training Course Written to validate and enrich your test knowledge through credible videos.
  • Try on free 400-101 exam dumps based on exam-passers experience slightly and easily!
  • Surely, don’t miss extremely useful ETE Software created by the Vumingo team. This educational exam simulator creates the real exam environment and makes your training process interactive and effective. Utilize the real testing environment in your preparation process just for your exam confidence.


The highlighted study resources help understand what you need to pass 400-101 test seamlessly. With the right materials combined with the correct attitude and effort, sharpening your skills is all you need to do. Ensure no gaps are left as you bring out the networking capacities by taking over your Cisco exam! Use Exam Labs exam dumps to hone your skills and see the level of your readiness.

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