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Microsoft is one of the most reputable corporations in the IT industry. It is globally respected for its outstanding inventions such as Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Outlook and OneDrive, Skype for Business, to name a minimum number of its globally used products. Most of the Microsoft high-tech applications and innovations are meant to simplify the intricacies of business and communication. 

Time clock software

Aiming to contribute to the work efficiency, Microsoft validates its professionals’ knowledge through a rigorous certification process. Some of the credentials that concerned specialists can be awarded include the following:

  • MCSA Windows Server 2016
  • MCSA Universal Windows Platform
  • MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development
  • MCSD App Builder
  • MCSA Web Applications

Renewed Certification Path

Be consulted, though, that the ITcompany has developed a novel qualifying path for its experts, namely the line of role-based badges coming with the related updated exams. The track includes Fundamental, Associate, and Expert levels, in contrast to previously-designed MTA, MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE.

So, getting a certification from Microsoft is a great achievement for a skillful programmer as their skills will always be recognized. However, being validated by the company is never an easy task. Applicants have to pass the exams that are set to validate necessary skills in Microsoft technologies. Like this, acquiring the MCSA: Web Applications credential would definitely become your professional victory. 

Microsoft 70-483 Exam: Important Details

Take note that to earn the valid MCSA: Web Applications credential, applicants will have to take 70-480, or 70-483 test. The second part of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certifying path would be acing 70-486 test. 

Still this article is devoted to 70-483 test which is the center of the below analysis.

Hence, 70-483 is a certification exam focusing on programming with C#. It is designed for candidates who already have at least one year of experience in programming business applications for both software and hardware platforms using C# programming language. This exam contains 40-60 questions that are supposed to be completed within two hours. The professionals who are interested in taking the Microsoft 70-483 assessment are expected to pay a registration fee of $165. 

Therefore, the test consists of the following exam topics:

  • Program Flow Management 
  • Creating and Using Types
  • Applications’ Debugging and Security Implementation
  • Implementation of Data Access

How Can 70-483 Boost Your Career?

The certification exams come with a lot of benefits to one’s professional advancement. Most of the opportunities in the world of technology require aspiring experts to have proof of their industry skills. This way, Microsoft 70-483 becomes one of the tests that is going to take your C# programmer career to the next level. Here are some of the perks that come along with passing this promising assessment.

  • Advance Your Programming Skills

Software engineering or web application development is all about the knowledge to provide solutions to real-world problems. 70-483 exam covers C# programming which is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language through simulation of real objects to provide productive solutions. Therefore, the test’s concepts equip you with the ability to successfully address advanced difficulties at your work. 

  • Win You Advanced Jobs or Projects

Once getting the skills to come up with the best applications using C#, you will be recognized thanks to developing stunning applications. Let’s take a case study. Suppose a C# professional develops a website for a business organization. This way it’s natural to win many projects as he/she will have introduced themselves to the entire world through this site. Besides, by being certified in Web Applications, it’s natural for you to get hired for premium projects, therefore, proving your mastery in C# programming. 

  • Top-End Possibilities

Since C# is a popular and widely used programming language, many projects are done using it. So, employers will always give you an opportunity to spearhead such projects, enabling you to eventually earn an extra income. Therefore, Microsoft 70-483 exam allows you to lead by managing a team of developers.

  • Getting Promotion

In every business setup, employers tend to give promotions to professionals showing interest in their careers. Passing the Microsoft 70-483 exam shows your interest in delivering highly scalable business solutions using the skills gained. Through advanced proposals, you will get an opportunity to represent your employer in various occasions and events that are meant to broaden the business spectrum using technology. As a result, you will get a chance to broaden the understanding of web application development.

  • Opportunity to Attend Microsoft Events and Programs

Microsoft often organizes events and seminars focused on improving the efficiency of existing technologies or introducing new methods to the industry. Being Microsoft certified is an important opportunity thus empowering you to join a group of certified elites possessing ultimate skills to meet the highest business demands

Preparation Possibilities

In order to nail Microsoft exams, you will need a clear guideline for the preparation. 

Firstly, go through all the vendor options and learn their content as Microsoft specialists have thoroughly elaborated them for you. These are instructor-led learning sessions, joint community preparation supported by Microsoft Press Store books, and training video and practice tests.

With this in mind, another secret of making the groundwork effective is discovering the best exam dumps from renowned websites like It is the trending platform when it comes to reliable exam dumps for IT qualifying assessments. The source will give ambitious programmers constantly upgraded and accurate training tools such as 70-483 exam Premium Bundle comprising the great package of the qualitative materials for the test, moreover, for a moderate price. 

Don’t pass by the ETE Software enabling professionals to feel the wheel of the real test with the learning mode adapted just for your needs! 


Now, the Microsoft 70-483 exam should become your ground step for building a career in the web applications field. Make sure to use all the appropriate vendor-offered and preparation options to promote your career up by attempting an interim yet highly productive 70-483 exam. 

In this regard, the best choice would be taking the verified exam dumps, learning every tip and trick and eventually deliver efficient solutions to a business environment by winning the MCSA: Web Applications badge!

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