Toronto Executive Mathieu Chantelois on Going From Media to Non-Profit

Mathieu Chantelois can’t remember a time he’s been without a pen and paper.  So, it makes sense he’d grow to pursue a career in media and journalism.  Since then, Chantelois has had an extensive professional career as a television presenter, magazine editor, published journalist, and now, Vice President for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

Like many journalists often do, Mathieu Chantelois decided to turn his attention to the non-profit sector to further utilize the skills and knowledge he developed while working in the media.

More importantly, he wanted to make a difference.

With years of experience already under his belt working with local charities, Chantelois has successfully led campaigns for a range of non-profit organizations including: Pride Toronto, the Toronto Museum of Contemporary Art, the Canadian Foundation for Aids Research and the 519 Church St Community Centre in Toronto for which he served as chair of the board.

After an “a-ha” moment came to him on his 40th birthday, Chantelois decided to take his non-profit experience in tow and accept a position with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

In his new role as Vice President of Development and External Affairs, Chantelois is responsible for making sure the organization meets its fundraising targets. Given that his role relies heavily on advocacy, he is also regularly tasked with travelling to Ottawa to meet with elected officials and other leaders in the non-profit sector.

“I work with an amazing team at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and have been tasked with making sure that we meet all our fundraising goals,” explains Chantelois.

One major deciding factor in his decision to switch careers was Chantelois’ displeasure with the current climate of the news media.

“Digital media has led to an era of fake news and clickbait, much of which is written very quickly to be used for web traffic driving and engagement,” he said. “It amazes me to go to a press conference and see young reporters working from their phones and writing stories from their phones.”

Chantelois continues to explain, “I’ve always wanted my storytelling to be impactful and to make a real difference, so I thought at this point, the best way to do that was through non-profit work.”

Since accepting his position with the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, Chantelois has successfully launched a number of high-impact campaigns for the organization, including the PSA, “Kids of Privilege” which was picked up by Cineplex Media and several local radio and TV stations around the country.  He also helped to publish the cookbook Kid Food Nation, which won a 2018 Content Marketing Award in the nonprofit publication category.  

Chantelois says, “I am grateful this position allows me to focus my passion and drive towards the good of others, and I’m proud that our campaigns are really resonating.”

While his passion lies in his non-profit work, Chantelois still frequently appears on Radio-Canada, speaking on topics in politics, culture and social life.

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