Top Useful Apps and Services for Students

We all know how difficult it is to be a student. However, living in the 21st century has significant advantages: modern technologies can greatly simplify the life of a student in any educational institution. We have selected the list of modern apps and services, which can help you follow the quick pace of student life.  


Paper Writing Services

Among the complex tasks to perform during the semester, a student has to deal with dozens of essays, lab reports, research papers, home works or term papers. All of them are time-consuming and require serious preparation. Fortunately, there are reliable cheap essay writing service USA to ask for help. The trick is that the service will find the author with a similar writing style, necessary education level, and the ability to cope with the requirements. So, nobody will even notice the difference.

Organizers and Planners

Get rid of the heavy organizers and diaries. Schedule of lectures and seminars, homework and notes can now be stored in a convenient app. If you don’t use the traditional Google calendar or Evernote, pay your attention to the following apps:

  • For Android owners, we recommend using TimeTable. It is compatible with all your gadgets running Android and will regularly notify you of classes and home tasks. By the way, this is a very simple app to configure.
  •  For iOS fans, we recommend considering the iStudiez Pro Student Planner. This daily assistant will easily organize your schedule, follow up with your home tasks, keep track of your grades and integrate calendars.

There is no need to perform manual schedule planning – let your gadget do it for you.

Informal Education

Many students around the world consider that informal education is their competitive advantage when looking for a job. Online courses and training may be a good point in your CV expressing your interest in a certain topic or supporting your application. For this purpose, we suggest you using Coursera. Here you can find and watch a variety of courses from leading universities and institutes around the world. The completion of the course is proved by a certificate. The app is available both on Android and iOS.

Self-control Apps

Sometimes, it is necessary to concentrate on a certain task, in particular, while working on a PC. For this purpose, blocking distracting sites for a certain amount of time may come in handy. If you find yourself deep inside the funnel of witty comments on Facebook, while you were supposed to finish the lab report, the Self-Control application will come to the rescue. Instead of completely isolating yourself from Internet access, you can only limit the sites that distract you.

In addition, you can also use the TrackTime app to follow how you spend time in front of the computer.

  • How much time do you spend in the browser?
  • For how many hours is the mail client used?
  • What are you listening to on iTunes?

TrackTime will create a beautiful graph of your online life in all colors of the rainbow.

Language Learning

To increase the level of a foreign language, you do not need a lot of money or time: just use your smartphone to learn something new. These smartphone apps will help make the process of learning a foreign language as effective and exciting as possible:

  • Duolingo – one of the most popular services for learning foreign languages from scratch;
  • Lingualeo – this is a gaming app with the opportunity to earn points and move through the levels;
  • ListeningDrill – the program allows you to download videos from and view them with subtitles simultaneously in two languages.

Make your learning process interactive and interesting. Now, it is more than possible.

In Conclusion

Student life is an amazing time full of new discoveries and excitement. To spend these years effectively, we suggest you using gadgets. The list of apps mentioned above is not complete, so you can add any other programs required.

What apps help you with your studies? Share your experience in the comments to this article.

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