Top Tips on How to Motivate your Staff through Training

It’s not always easy to keep staff motivated, and this can sometimes be due to a lack of progressive learning or training available to them. Specialists in driving licence checks for employers, dh Licence Check have collated some informative tips on how to motivate your staff through training.

Training staff is a vital part of any organisation, bringing with it a wealth of benefits. Making sure your employees are up to date with all the relevant training for their job and responsibilities, can not only help to improve overall job performance, but can also help to keep employees with the company for longer.  

Employee training

Keep it interesting 

Whilst the most important element of training is that employees come out of the session more knowledgeable, it is also important that your staff find it interesting and enjoy it. Disengaged employees will be much less ready to learn. Methods such as gamification or competitions are great ways to keep staff entertained and interested. 

Emphasise benefits to career trajectory 

Although employees might have vested interests in how the business is doing, they are more likely to be concerned about how training can benefit their own careers. Training is a great way to show your employees that you care about them and their career development. So, it’s important for employers to emphasise how the training can help their careers as well as the interests of the company.

Make the training relevant to the individual employee 

Personalising training plans to each member of staff can help keep your employees motivated. If you try to make a one size fits all training programme, there’s a danger that people will feel they are being presented with irrelevant content. Segmenting the training according to individuals or departments enables you to ensure that each member of staff is receiving the relevant training they need to do their job. 

Give regular feedback and be open to receiving it 

Providing your employees with feedback is important as they need to know their time is being spent wisely. If employees believe they are wasting their time by participating in the training, they are less likely to listen and engage. Feedback also allows you to show your employees where they are in their training journey. It can also be beneficial to employers; encouraging employees to feedback on their training experiences is a great way to see how you can improve current processes. 

Recognise your employees’ expertise

Your business is packed with experts in their field, many of your employees may be sitting on information that could really help in developing their colleagues. Giving your employees an outlet to share their expertise is a great way to keep them motivated. This can highlight just how important they are to the business and it also rewards their hard work. 

Incorporate training in the company culture 

Incorporating training into the company culture and overall strategic plan is beneficial as it allows and encourages employees to learn from each other, not just during their formal training. This will set a positive example and make training part of the job. 

Work with training partners 

Working alongside training partners is a great way to keep your staff motivated through their training, so it’s not surprising that many companies look for outside help. This also gives you the reassurance that your staff are receiving comprehensive, up-to-date training from experts in the field.

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