Top Slide Brands For Men

Just like for women, there are hundreds of styles and brands of slide sandals for men. The ones listed below are the top 5 brands that men tend to buy the most. Each one is unique and different from the others. Check it out to see why men love these shoes! 

Slide shoe
  1. Adidas: These slides are easily one of the most popular shoes for men. They are a classic look and, like most slides, they go with everything. They’re ideal to wear after a workout or any time you’re wearing athletic clothes or sweatpants. The most classic looks are either black or blue slides with three stripes on the slide foot strap. For being such a popular item, these slides aren’t horribly expensive, as they usually cost less than $50. 
  1. Nike: Though not as popular as Adidas for slide shoes, Nike is one of the leading athletic brands, and has some great slides available. They are very similar to Adidas in their material, but they have a different look. A classic slide from Nike has two different colors on it; one solid color on the sole and one solid color on the strap. The strap also has the word ‘Nike’ on it in big, bold letters. 
  1. Freedom Moses: This brand is a bit newer than Nike and Adidas, as it was established in 2014. It’s also different from the other two, because Freedom Moses is more of a casual, everyday look, instead of a post-workout look. This includes a great selection of pink slides to choose from. That makes these great because not every guy wants to wear an athletic looking shoe all the time. This brand offers lots of unique colors and patterns, which makes them more appealing to men. 
  1. Birkenstock: Much like Freedom Moses, Birkenstocks are a rather unique brand. They specialize in cork soles and have a more casual look. Even though Birkenstocks are known more for their thong sandals, their slides are also extremely popular among men. They’re either leather or suede shoes with cork soles. This cork sole is a great advantage as it’s one of, if not the best, material a slide sole can be made from. It’s comfortable, durable and naturally water-resistant. Birkenstocks are more expensive than the other three slides so far, however, they do last for several years, which means you’re essentially investing when you buy a pair, as you have them for a long time.  
  1. Gucci: While Gucci isn’t the only designer brand that’s in style for men right now, it’s hands down the most popular. These are also the most expensive trendy slides for men, costing around $240 for a pair. They’re so popular for a few reasons. Mainly though, they’re popular just because of the brand name. It’s always nice to have one or two luxury items that you can show off, and a brand like Gucci always has the logo on display. 

While there are more slide brands to pick from, these five are the top rated for a reason. Whether it’s their price, comfort level, durability, versatility, or just general brand, they all have something that men love. If you’re looking for a pair but aren’t sure where, or how, to start, these brands are a great jumping off point.

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