Top Places to Visit in San Diego

Imagine starting a vacation by getting off a flight in San Diego, California. You stretch and grab your bags, ready for vacation and relaxation, and call for airport car services. Your driver tells you he can take you anywhere you want to go in the city. This is the moment of truth; out of the many beautiful attractions the city has to offer, which one should you choose? Any one of them would be the right choice, but with the limited time on offer you want to see the best. So, to help you decide, here are just a handful of the best places to stop by during your visit to San Diego.

Hotel Del Coronado

Let’s start with a place you may want to stay at during your trip – the Hotel Del Coronado. Celebrities, presidents, and even royalty have graced the rooms of this beach front hotel. In fact, this hotel was the first seaside resort to open on the west coast and it has absolutely flourished since then. It has managed to blend its classic look and style with amenities that have developed in the modern age. This has created the perfect blend that everyone will enjoy.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo is famous for its diversity, but the San Diego Safari Park gives you an interactive experience that is utterly unforgettable. This safari goes beyond your imagination when you think of the typical safari. While it does offer the traditional caravan safari, if you want more of a thrill, you could try their zip line safari or jungle ropes safari. If you want, the zoo even offers their “Roar and Snore” safari which allows you to spend the night in the park.

U.S.S. Midway Museum

If history and education are what you’re interested in, the city can provide this as well. A prime example is the U.S.S. Midway Museum, which is named not only for the aircraft carrier preserved from World War II but for all of those who “serve, educate, and inspire”. This is far more than your average museum with interactive exhibits such as their Air Combat 360 Ride, which allows riders to reserve a chance to experience a battle flight simulation that they control.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a much-loved attraction for both tourists and locals in San Diego. Balboa is the largest urban park in the United States, but that is not the only reason you should visit. It features 15 different museums, performing arts venues, and the park actually houses the San Diego Zoo as well. Beyond its attractions, though, the park is beautiful with astounding design and architecture too.

Seaport Village

If shopping is your idea of a good time, then you should visit Seaport Village during your visit. Not only does this attraction have over 50 shops but 17 places to eat and countless types of outdoor entertainment. With the wonderful San Diego weather, no matter when your trip is you’ll be able to enjoy a day trip to this outdoor shopping center.

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