Top 6 Foods To Improve Your Bust Size

Soy milk

Are you wondering how to achieve a large bust size naturally for that perfect body image? While there are other ways to increase the size like surgery from an NYC breast augmentation clinic or using prescribed breast enlargement creams or supplements, you can try some handy remedies even at home. The most natural way to enlarge your bust size, however, is eating the right kind of foods. Nuts, lean meat, and other foods boost estrogen levels. Here are the top 5 foods that will help you increase your breast size, without the need to use any organic supplements from the store.


All dairy products include a rich blend of reproductive hormones just as those present in your body that are essential for cell growth. The progesterone, prolactin as well as estrogen are required to stimulate milk production. I suggest you have a glass of cow milk every day for breakfast and other dairy items like cheese & yogurt to stimulate the mammillary gland’s functioning & growth. Soy milk is also rich in protein and isoflavones that boost hormone levels for a larger bust. You could alternatively have soybeans added to your salads directly or cooked in meals.


Aside from exercise and gym sessions aimed at enhancing your bust size, peanuts, pecans, cashews, walnuts, and other nuts are good sources of proteins and good fat. These are not only great for your cognitive and metabolic efficiency but are also useful to elevate reproductive hormone levels in the body. A handful a day in your meals and salads is a good remedy.

Lean Meat

Lean protein through red meat and turkey work great when you aim for a high protein diet. It will not only give your bust size the much needed makeover but is also a rich source of nutritional elements that are key drivers of productive hormone growth within your body. Meat also contains phytoestrogens that facilitate the restructuring and proper development of mammillary tissue. An average woman requires about 46g of protein a day, so aim for that ballpark with some variety in the types of servings you consume to gain maximum benefit.

Green Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, brassicas and lettuce are rich in growth-inducing components. These also have phytoestrogens that are highly nutritional and offer great support when it comes to building breast tissue. While they do not have ample phytoestrogens, they do have enough nutrient-rich compounds that will help tone up the bust shape and drive cell growth.


Fish contains Omega 3 acids that are great for cognitive development. In addition, they also pack other good fats that induce breast growth. In fact, seafood like oysters, seaweed, shellfish, and prawns are all rich sources of Manganese. It boosts sex hormone levels in your metabolism. Add these to your everyday meals to notice a significant improvement in your cup size.


Most seeds like flax, pumpkin or sunflower seeds have enough compounds with high nutritional value that are vital for promoting better tissue burgeoning and larger bust size. Most of these will give you benefits equal to those you would most probably receive from a breast enlargement supplement you buy from an online pharmacy. Sprinkle some over your desserts or salads and include them in your meals.

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