Top 5 Must-Have Features for a Car Sharing App

The car ride industry has skyrocketed over the past few years, and many companies have taken an interest in how to create a car sharing application to cling onto this trend.

This business model has seen a dramatic increase in popularity due to its innovative ways to solve some problems that the world is currently facing, and that is traffic congestion and pollution by making a vehicle available to a much wider range of people.

Car comfort

At the same time, it solves day to day problems, like getting rid of the cost of owning a car has. Also, regular people can create side income by putting their own cars to work, be it by using it as a taxi or simply renting it trough these apps.

So, it’s a win-win situation. People get a much more convenient means of transportation, with the opportunity to earn some cash on the side while companies don’t have to buy an entire fleet of cars.

There are a lot of car-sharing apps, each having a different purpose. However, here are some key features that all apps like these need to have.

1. GPS Tracking and Maps

First of all, the location of the vehicle and of the clients is most important. Whether you’re a client and you try to find the car closest to you, or a driver trying to figure out where your client’s exact location is. With the help of GPS tracking, things become much easier.

Also, by having maps integrated into the app, people will be able to filter the fastest route to get to their destination. It will depend on each user on what is the best route app since users have different preferences.

2. User Profiles

Knowing your customer or your driver is also very important. Letting users rate the people they previously worked with is very helpful for other future clients to know what they are about to get into.

Nobody wants to get driven around by a guy who road rages at every intersection, and nobody wants to drive a rude customer that making a mess in the back of the car.

3. Notification

This is another handy feature that must be integrated into mobile app development. With notification, people can know that the car they’ve hired some time ago is waiting at the front door, or that the renting period of the car is almost up.

4. Scheduling

Having the ability to schedule your rides in advance definitely saves a lot of hassle. This way, you will no longer have to look desperately for a car, or a driver while being on the pressure, trying to show up late for a meeting or day to day activities.

5. Online payment 

We live in the digital era, where pretty much everything can be done using the internet. Online payments are a must-have for this sort of app. 

It is more convenient and it saves a lot of hassle.


With all of those being said, car-sharing companies differentiate themselves in many ways, however, these are some of the key features any enterprise that operates in this domain should have in common in order to find success.

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