Driving Down the Right Route with AR in Navigation Apps

2016 gave this world a piece of technology that took no time to take over the world by storm. Augmented Reality, a fragment of the Immersive Technology has gained massive popularity and since its advent this technology is gaining traction exponentially.  Imagine all that we grew up watching in the movies, everything that was once considered a bit too far-fetched has finally begun to turn into a reality.  

Augmented Reality is best explained as the blend of realistic visuals, state-of-the-art hardware and other sensory projections that create an experience that is not real, but it’s happening in the real world around you. Imagine how you caught Pokemons in the Pokemon Go by just panning your phone around and spotting a Charizard in your backyard. 


Everything that happens in an ‘Augmented’ environment, requires an incredibly low latency and ultra-fast speed, something that you can easily get from Spectrum. All you need to do is dial the Spectrum phone number. 

Pivoting back to the AR, tech companies have a special place in their hearts for this piece of technology. Thus, they took their time, devised a plan and showed the world that all the problems that were once faced by the GPS, can be resolved with the help of AR. All the wrong results, misguidedness, and agitation have finally become a thing of the past because now navigation apps have an added feature of Augmented Reality.

Undoubtedly, the amalgamation of AR with navigation has come forth like a salvation in the realm of mobile applications. There was a time when navigation apps were considered a total failure, since these apps:

  • Showed extremely inaccurate results
  • Paved way for hazardous driving situations 
  • Failed to work because of poor signal reception, which is obviously a bad thing when you’re stuck in a remote location
  • Posed some serious privacy threats

Keeping the following drawbacks in mind, navigation services required a salvation attempt, and luckily they it got from Augmented Reality. With Augmented Reality, these navigation apps give us an array of reasons as to why we should opt for them:

Why AR is best for Navigation Apps

  • Okay, time for a quick scenario – You’re traveling to Turkey and just like every other tourist, you don’t know the ins and outs of the city. But, thank your lucky stars in heaven because there is an AR-induced navigation app on your phone. You can find out about the best tourist spots in the city and roam around to your heart’s content. Plus, you can just point at the famous monuments or museums in the city and know everything about the spots that you’re visiting. Cool, right?
  • No one likes to get stuck in a traffic jam and AR-induced navigation apps can help you evade such situations. On your way back from work, you can see the routes that you should avoid driving by. All traffic information gets updated on a real-time basis, so you don’t have to worry about ending up on a traffic-packed route just because the app failed to update you on it.
  • Another great thing about AR-induced navigation apps is the fact that they alert you of the unforeseen situations that you can avoid. For example, if there’s an accident on the route, your navigation app would let you know of it so you can either take help to the scene or avoid it.

In a Nutshell

Augmented Reality has been significantly improving navigation apps that were nonetheless a bit of a hassle before that. Now, GPS results can be more efficient and users can get from one place to another (in a new city or town) without getting lost, or confused. Wonder, what more is in store for Augmented Reality since it has only been making our lives way more convenient than ever before.

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