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tools for entrepreneursThere are numerous resources that help small business owners achieve success. However, sorting through them can be a challenging task. If you are a small-business owner in the start-up phase, consider using these 11 essential resources.

Small Business Administration 

This resource offers useful information and links, which can help you start and expand your company. You can also obtain SBA loans from the site.


Scores matches you with a mentor who will give you advice and free counseling with your best interests at heart like switching banks for a better financial bundle, who your target audience is when marketing, and where to start!

Small Business Development Centers

SBDC has professional business advisors who can help you will all aspects of starting and building your company for free.

International Franchise Association

If you want to purchase a franchise, this resource can help you find one and everything you need to know.

Biz Buy Sell

Biz Buy Sell is a resource for people who want to buy a business. There are nationwide listings on the site, so you can find businesses for sale and brokers in your city.


Bplans has over 500 business plan templates that are free. You can also read helpful articles or purchase Business Plan Pro from the site. Business Plan Pro is a best-selling business plan program.

Microsoft Office 2010

Although Microsoft Office 2010 is old software, you can make it better if you integrate it with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Sharepoint 2010 improves file sharing and collaboration tasks for everyone involved.

The Company Corporation

The Company Corporation makes forming an LLC or incorporating your business a simple task. The specialists on the site will tackle the paperwork and all filing procedures for you.

Patent And Trademark Office

If you need to file a copyright, patient, or trademark, use this resource because it has all the tools you will need.

Venture Beat

According to The New York Times, Venture Beat is one of the best blogs for small businesses because it has a lot of useful information about the venture capital industry. The writers cover the most popular industries, such as social networking, green businesses, and mobile technology.

Charity Navigator

Most business owners want to give back to their communities, but they don’t know which causes to donate to. Charity Navigator is an established charity evaluator; the staff evaluates the financial health of thousands of charities in the nation.

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