Five Essential Tools Every Start-Up Business Should Use

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Perfecting the product/service and securing sufficient funding are just two of the jobs needed to make sure a start-up business is a success. Consumers have more options available to them than ever before, so it is important all aspects of your business are given sufficient focus to help your services stand out. Here are five important essentials all businesses need to take seriously.

Get the Right Help

From building a website to designing a logo, there are an incredible range of jobs which need completing at a professional standard to help make a start-up business a success. Many of these skills may be out of your skillset and comfort zone, so it is important to seek the help of talented professionals in these disciplines. Finding a freelancer in these disciplines can help you maintain professional standards without the costs attached to hiring a full-time employee.

If you are looking for a full time employee without high wages costs, the Government’s apprenticeship scheme can reward businesses which take on apprentices. Businesses taking on an apprentice may be entitled to a grant of £1,500 – helping to pay the apprentice’s wages for the first few months of their employment.

Be Available and Personable

If you are competing with big businesses, one of the benefits small companies and start-ups can offer customers and clients is personable and passionate service. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, make yourself available to the people paying your bills. If you have a website, include a personal bio and leave a professional number with a direct line to yourself or another trusted person within the business. This helps to cultivate an atmosphere of trust between yourself and the customer/client.

Where possible, invite clients and customers to add you on Skype. This gives them the opportunity to converse directly with you, helping them understand how much you care about the business and the products/services.

Cut Courier Costs

This tip is particularly pertinent for e-commerce start-ups where one of the major overheads will be delivery and courier costs. By minimising courier costs, you can either pass savings onto the customer, making the company more attractive, or increase those profit margins.

Rapid Parcel is a courier comparison service which compares the costs across different courier services. The simple tool allows you to input the delivery details (size, weight, delivery address) and will determine the costs across the major courier services in the UK, allowing you to choose the service which makes the most business sense.

Go Remote

For many start-ups, one of the biggest costs is office space. Whilst it can be gratifying to move into a professional-looking office with branded adornments and flourishes – it can be a waste of funds which could channelled far more effectively. Working out of existing properties, whether it be your home or a public space, can cut those initial costs.

There are a range of tools which make remote working far simpler than ever, as demonstrated by record numbers working from home. Free cloud storage tool, Dropbox, makes it simple to access all your files and documents wherever you are by storing them remotely. This tool makes it plausible for numerous members of the team to work on the same project, whilst physically removed from one another.

Google your Business

Make it simpler for potential customers and clients to find your business with Google My Business. This helpful tool gives your business a comprehensive profile, showcased on Google when relevant search terms are entered. Visitors can view contact details, vital information and customer reviews of your business. Linking with a Google+ account, Google My Business helps make your online presence better integrated, symbiotic and easier to control.

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