Tips for Buying Metal for a Small Business

A variety of small businesses often need to purchase different types of metals for industrial purposes. Metal acquisitions are most commonly done in specialty industries, by companies that work in construction, manufacturing, or medicine. But it’s not uncommon for businesses in other industries, such as art, to purchase metal or alloys. If your business needs to buy metal for any use, here are several tips to follow:

Buy Low-Melting-Point Metals

There are innovative forms of metal to buy that will save you money. Rather than looking for pure forms of metal, which can be unnecessarily expensive, try to find low melting point alloy metals. These metals are a mixture of usually tin, cadmium, indium, or bismuth. These metals expand only about 3 percent when changing from liquids to solids. So these Cerrobend metals are highly suited for a variety of industrial purposes such as fixtures, tube bending, casting and replacing machine parts. You can buy low melting alloys as branded and weighed ingots.

Metal Bars are Cheaper to Buy

Metal can be purchased in bar form. Square bars are common, but round bar stocks are also available. Metals in bar forms are sold by weight, and are the cheapest form of the metal to buy. Metals bars are easier to transport and do not have any added value. Therefore, you can purchase metal bars for relatively cheap prices compared to sheets, plates or tubes. But you may have to spend more money to melt the metal for industrial purposes.

Find Great Deals on eBay

The online auction site eBay is an excellent website for buying metals of any kind or form. Metals are not available on Amazon, the biggest online shopping site. eBay, on the other hand, hosts many auctions to buy hard metals, scrap metals, overstock of structural metal, fusible alloys, construction boards, and even precious metals. In recent years, eBay has taken many steps to make auctions as honest as possible. However, it’s wise to be careful when buying from an auction. Read product descriptions carefully. Buy only from sellers with really good ratings. If you follow the rules, you will find great deals on the site.

Small businesses may not always need to buy metal in huge bulks, which often drives down the costs. If you need to buy metals in small amounts just for a project or two, consider following the tips above to keep costs down.

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