Billionaire Guide on Small Business Branding That Helps You Get Rich

It’s no secret that branding is essential to stick around in the marketplace forever and ever.

Many small business owners wonder if they could pay thousands of bucks to the marketing agencies and get their branding done. 

Business plan

I won’t recommend you to spend dollars if you can do it yourself.

Yes, you heard it RIGHT.

But unless you formulate effective strategies, you’re never going to build an optimum brand and make it go viral among the audience.

What if I told you there’s an appropriate set of procedures that could help your small business earn a branding badge?

In this article, I’m going to direct you through an in-depth, step-by-step practical methodologies to brand your small business.

Let’s jump in…


“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” ― Jeff Bezos

Branding is an absolute factor to let people recognize your business, and it is necessary to fulfill such branding efforts. So that you can interact with people in a better way and let them know what your company stands for.

It does not only helps in establishing a brand but improves your business value and sets you apart from rivals. Powerful branding drives influence and builds trust among consumers.

Branding does not only favors customer but improvise employee satisfaction too. Though you need to focus on viable branding practices, here are the key elements you need to work on:

Brand Identity

Your corporate identity (visual image) let the consumer identify and distinguish your business more accurately. It points to an optimal brand image that resembles your business offerings. It’s all about wrapping up your brand preferences, concept, and personality in a single image.

Consumer develops a specific opinion of a brand if its identity looks promising and trustworthy though it is recommended to create an optimal brand image for business.

Got no resources?

No worries.

You can hire an expert designer or get the job done from an experienced logo design company such as Logo Orbit that is well-versed in catering branding services.

Brand Website

As your primary goal is to build an audience, win their trust, and drive them to act upon specific CTA. You need to create a platform that perfectly showcases your offering.

Creating a website let your potential customers connect with your business even if they’re far away as their problems need your honest solutions. 

The more credible your website is the more visitors it will retain and favor you with more profits. Since here are few essentials to build a reliable website.

User-friendly Navigation

It lets people stay on your website for an additional minute or two. Though the use of infinite design elements can complicate the navigation of your web pages and your visitors might struggle with it, ending up leaving your site.

Use Header Wisely

Your brand logo needs placement on top of every web-page, including a brief headline about your business offers or expertise. Meaningful tagline creates a powerful impact. For Instance: “Apple ― Think Different” is more than a slogan as they are obsessed with matchless operating system and technology.

Content is Power

Customers are pleased with high-end content. Keeping your target audience in mind, you need to draft an impactful reading that primarily focuses on recognizing issues your visitors might struggling with and provide them with the ideal set of solutions aiming towards your product/service.

Not only text, but it is also recommended to utilize sufficient graphics such as images, videos or infographics as it will lead to better customer engagements.  

Reviews & Testimonials

It’s a human psyche as before buying any product or service they need to know reviews of existing customers. Positive reviews provoke visitors to take action and help them in quick decision making.

Also, do not forget to add CTA to your landing as well as supporting pages. There’s a chance to convert visitors into leads right after they read the reviews. You always need to direct them.

Design Elements

Eventually, design plays a significant role in capturing the viewer’s attention in the same way poor design could bring a sort of anxiety among people. And your business would be in trouble.

The basic elements of design you need to keep an eye on are:

Color Preferences

Although if you choose some particular color of your own choice. You’re on a wrong path, my friend!

Unsuitable colors might ruin the entire design structure so, knowing the color psychology is mandatory. As each color contrast has a diverse perception, For instance:

  • Red refers to Contemporary, Thrilling, Intensity.
  • Green refers to Cheerful, Rewarding and Productive
  • Yellow refers to Affectionate, Sparkling and Modest.
  • Purple refers to Luxuriant and Majestic.
  • Pink refers to Womanlike, Skittish and Fresh.
  • Blue refers to Reliable, Faithful and Balanced.
  • Orange refers to Fun-loving, Immature and Refreshing.

So, knowing your niche and color psychology could help you better in picking the right color palette for your design structure.


“The first time I drew type, I felt like I was on the bottom of mountain Everest. In a swimming suit.” ― Nina Stössinger, Nordvest – Monokrom Type Foundry

Typography is a vital element that conveys your message to the visitor rightly. Though if you have fantastic content, it won’t work as the communication of words are struggling with the human eye. 

It works with a fair selection of fonts, accurate sizing including font & background color that improves the readability without a hassle.


I wish I could tell you if you select any of the above branding elements you would have a profitable small business. However, it is not so easy to retain your brand image.

Branding is an exclusive subject, and you need to implement each practice listed above.

Interestingly, putting a few yet extremely workable efforts in branding your small business is much better than ignoring the branding part as it will cost you to lose your brand image.

If you fail to successfully brand your small business, you will not be able to get a profitable business and might lose your brand’s ROI. 

I would recommend you to practice the above mentioned branding hacks that can help you level-up your business progress.

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