Proper Maintenance: 6 Things You Should Do Before and After Using an Industrial Floor Scrubber

Commercial floor cleaning can be challenging for business owners. They want to minimize labor costs, yet employ innovative solutions that guarantee continuous improvement. That’s why entrepreneurs opt for the latest cleaning tools to get the job done. For example, using an industrial floor scrubber facilitates a clean, hygienic, and comfortable premise in a cost-efficient way. To get the most out of a floor scrubber, it has to remain in tip-top shape. Here are six things that happen before or after using an industrial floor scrubber.

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Things to Check Using the Scrubber

1. Checking The Battery Status

Are your used floor scrubbers batteries fully charged? If not, the sweeper will run for a few minutes then stop. Before you conclude that there is a battery problem, confirm that you plugged the scrubber in to charge after use. Confirm from the amp reading that it is powering up and charging. The amp gauge needle or display should rise to 15 or 20 amps for several hours before reducing to 0.0A when fully charged.

2. Countercheck The Functional Parts

An industrial floor scrubber has four main parts that need regular replacement. These are the front brushes, the main brushes, rear squeegees, and side squeegees. Whereas these parts offer advanced options to the user, they wear out over time. In turn, it becomes hard to clean on varying surfaces. First, ensure that you have the right brushes and squeegee blades for your equipment. Then, replace any worn out parts that will jeopardize the cleaning.

3. Check the Recovery and Solution Tanks

Finally, you want to start cleaning with an empty recovery tank. This way, you can concentrate and save time related to making frequent stops to empty the tank. To confirm, check for a clean screen. Likewise, ensure your solution tank has fresh water at all times. Choose safe cleaning agents certified for industrial use for sustainable cleaning.

Things to Do After Every Use

4. Remove and Clean The Replaceable Parts

Now that you are done with cleaning, detach and clean the brushes and squeegee blades using clean water. Check both sides of the edges for wear and tear. Remove all the dirt from the bushes and pads, and then confirm that these parts are fit for the next use. Otherwise, replace the worn-out parts before storing the floor scrubber.

5. Empty The Recovery and Solution Tanks

Turn off the scrubber before emptying the dirty water from the recovery tank. Keep the pipes straight to get rid of all the dirty water in the tank. Now, clean the tank with fresh water in readiness for the next cleaning session. Second, pour out any remaining cleaning solution in the solution tank. Rinse the filter and the receptacle with fresh water to get rid of any cleaning agents’ residues.

6. Check and Recharge the Battery

What are the manufacturer’s recommendations about how frequently you need to charge the battery? If you’re not sure, we recommend plugging the battery to the charging port after using the floor scrubber for more than half an hour. Before you do so, confirm the condition of the battery. Is it damaged? If the battery is failing, you can pour some distilled water into its ports as it charges. Otherwise, you may have to replace the battery.


The above before-and-after tips ensure you get the most out of your industrial floor scrubber by saving on time, labor costs, and power bills. Also, ensure you know how to operate the equipment for optimal use.

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