Cleaning the Air from the Restaurant’s Fume Hood

One of the topical issues of catering establishments is ensuring air purification in kitchens.

This procedure is necessary not only to ensure the comfortable work of the staff. Air purification significantly reduces the risk of various diseases.

Kitchen ventilation must provide a good working environment by releasing fumes, heat, and odors from the kitchen while providing fresh air. Ideally, the ventilation system should ensure that kitchen activities do not affect the rest of the property and the surrounding area.

Large particles of grease are separated and captured by an air filter in the cooker hood. The air then passes through a ventilation duct with odors and finer grease particles in the air. Without efficient and continuous air cleaning, they will follow the exhaust airflow through the entire ductwork and stick to the duct walls, fan, heat exchanger, and heat exchanger pre-filter. A small fraction will remain in the air and pass into the environment like an odor.

We suggest using Oxytec systems in public catering establishments, which have proven their worth on the market. Reliable and inexpensive, they are equipped with modern high-performance filters that provide removal of unpleasant odors and harmful aerosols.

What is the purpose of the restaurant air purification system?

Air purifiers are designed to remove from the air products of combustion and boiling oil, as well as fumes and other contaminants typical for kitchens in catering establishments. Ideal for rooms with a barbecue or grill. The system discharges purified air to the façade of the building or directs it to a common duct.

The benefits of our restaurant hood cleaning systems:

  • These appliances fully comply with the sanitary standards set by government authorities.
  • These systems are universal and equally effective in catering establishments of any level – bars, cafes, restaurants, canteens, etc.
  • The cleaners are effective in removing smells and carcinogens from the air from the grill.
  • If necessary, the air purifiers can be equipped with a flue gas cooling system.

Tested in practice in the restaurant kitchen.

Cleaning the restaurant fume hood

Nowadays such air purification systems work in more than two hundred restaurants and cafes in our country. They have proven their efficiency and reliability, so you can rest assured of their quality.

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