The top 3 Documents you need when obtaining a new Job


The process of looking for a job can be quite exhausting as it requires a lot of persistence and determination to land your dream job. The companies you will be sending your papers or going for an interview will need to verify what you will be bringing into to their organization.  What potential employers are looking for are supporting document which can back whatever you will be telling them.  They are looking to get a holistic view of the candidate and that why having the right document is very important. Here are some of the documents which you need when obtaining a new job.

  1. Resume

This is one of the most important documents which one needs to have when looking for a job. This is because a well-written resume allows the potential employer to look at a number of key factors on your qualification. In the resume, the employer would be able to see your education qualification in relation to the job that you are applying.  The resume should also include the previous work experience which one may have regarding the job in question. There should also be a list of references who are people who can confirm that the information which you have given in the resume is actually accurate.  A few points to note is that one needs to avoid using generic resume which one can easily find online. This is because most employers are able to determine a generic resume and quickly discard it.

  1. Social security card

The other important document which you need to show your potential employer when obtaining a new job is your social security card.  This is because this is a requirement by law that you must have your social security card. This allows for your employer to report on the wage on the W-2 form. The employer will also need to see the social security document as an assurance that you are actually allowed to work in the United States. In the instance that you could have lost your social security number than before going for a job interview, you may need to apply for temporary social security card for the job. This way you can be assured that if you have all other qualification lack of social security number does not lower your chance for landing that job.

  1. Letters of recommendation

This is another powerful document, especially if have been employed somewhere else previously. This is the letter which is written by your former employer with the detail about your work ethic and conduct during the period that you worked for the previous company. This will give you potential new employer an overview of the kind of person that you are. In case you are fresh from college or university then you can present a recommendation letter from your university which can detail the kind of student which you were. In most cases, you can attach your recommendation letters or you can bring them with you once you are called for the interview.

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