The Online Casino Way to Build Customer Loyalty

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Online casinos are hardly the shining example most entrepreneurs turn to for business advice. However, the enduring and highly successful nature of these businesses is quite noteworthy. There’s a massive demand for gambling over the internet. As a result, there are hundreds of gambling sites competing for customer attention. The most successful of these sites use tactics that other web-based businesses can learn from.

Not all gambling sites resort to shady schemes to attract customers. The best and even moderately successful sites actually use legitimate customer retention and loyalty building strategies to grow and scale. Here are some of those tips for building customer loyalty that entrepreneurs can learn from gambling websites:

Get Customers Onboard a Loyalty Program from the Start

Nearly all online casinos kick off sign up offers with loyalty programs. It’s rare to find a gambling site that doesn’t offer a welcome bonus. Online gambling fans often consider welcome bonus rewards before even signing up for a site. After the sign-up, customers are already enrolled in a host of other bonus offers. So from the get-go, gambling sites have offered new recruits a reason to stay loyal to the site.

Other online businesses can try a similar strategy to offer incentives for new customers not just to sign up, but also to stay signed in. Build loyalty programs from the start, without just targeting customers who make purchases. Being on a loyalty program could convert casual browsers into loyal customers as a result.

Answer Real Concerns on the Blog

More often than not, small businesses use official blogs to promote products or disclose business news that might not necessarily interest customers. High flying gambling websites regularly blog as well. While these blogs do have promotional posts, most actually offer thoughtful advice when responding to genuine customer concerns.

Most online gamblers are concerned about legality and money transfer issues when placing bets. Casino blogs allay these concerns with detailed posts on gambling laws in different countries, laws that affect website gambling, and tips for easy money transfer. Some of these blog posts are based on FAQs.

Businesses that want customers to connect with their blogs can learn a lot from this strategy. Instead of targeting the trending keywords, use your blog posts to address customer concerns. Base blog posts on common questions the customer service department takes. This is a workable strategy that can increase traffic to the blog and also improve how long customers spend there.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is one of the deciding factors for whether a new client will continue to be loyal to a business or a brand. Good customer service encourages new clients to continue shopping or at least keep using web-based services. Gambling sites know this all too well.

Nearly all online gambling sites are heavily invested in offering quick and convenient customer support services. It’s common to see customer support offered via live chat. Most don’t ignore the traditional methods of email and phone support either. Support services are available 24/7 for most and responses are swift.

Likewise, keep customers loyal with a great customer service infrastructure so they’ll come back. Don’t rely only on a chatbot. Actual human help can optimize existing support services.

Most new online companies can learn a lesson or two from how gambling websites keep customers engaged. Therefore, consider the above suggestions and find ways to improve customer loyalty for your brand as well.

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