The Evolution of 3D Technology

Remember in the past where 3D technology was limited to posters or movies? As a kid, having a 3D poster on your bedroom wall was pretty cool as it appeared as if the image was jumping out at you. The same can be said for 3D films as you sat in the movie theatre and gave out screams as the shark seemed to be leaping off the screen right at you. However, 3D technology has evolved much more than just this nowadays. In fact, it soon will be something that we can’t manage to live without.  

3D Printing 

Perhaps nothing might be more impressive for 3D printing than its use in the medical field. As an example, if you dread going to the dentist, join the crowd. If you have ever had to get a cap or crown for your tooth, you know you can be expected to have to go back to the dentist at least three times to get this completed. But as 3D printing evolves more in the dentistry field, now in some practices already you can get a 3D printer to construct your crown in less than an hour. One visit to the dentist instead of three? Count me in! 

3D Scanning 

3D scanning can capture the image and collect data on objects, entire rooms and houses, and even people. You have probably seen video games already where 3D scanning was used to capture the dimensions and physicality of actual people to be used in the game. These scans can be saved, edited, modified, and even used digitally for various purposes. You might even be able to use it in your career right now. To find the best scan 3D, just do a little research and you will have something you enjoy using both in your personal and professional life.  

Design Quickly and Efficiently 

While sketching out drawings on a piece of paper has helped the world for centuries (think of the Wright Brothers), now you can easily create 3D images on the computer that can be modified instead of 2D on paper. In engineering and manufacturing, you can see why 3D technology would be a useful tool that could open up new possibilities. People with even an ounce of creativity will be able to use their imagination for amazing things with 3D tech. With just a little bit of know-how, you may be able to do some great things with this emerging technology.  

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