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As Instagram got bigger and bigger, the use of a side app to help you grow your IG page has become a must-do. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best app to schedule Instagram posts. Not only it is free, but also you are welcome to use other features of this app. Our chosen platform for scheduling posts is AiGrow.

There are plenty of bots and fake apps that only cost you money and there will be no result. However, we have found you the best real app that can help you grow organically. Find your potential customers and connect with them. Schedule your Instagram posts and you will be one step ahead of your rivals.

Why do you need to schedule your Instagram posts?

It is only 4 months into the 2019 year and Instagram has already blown away all the records for social media platforms. With about 1 billion active users to the highest engagement rate among social media, Instagram has become the 1st option for those who want to have an online market.

It is rare not to be lost in this big pool of content. There are about 50 billion posts on Instagram. How can a post find its way between all these posts? What are the qualities that will lead a post to the top posts? What should an Instagram user do to make his page unique?


Scheduling posts is the ultimate way to help you have a more arranged account. Like any other competition, if you need to succeed, you need to have a plan. These are the strategies for a successful IG page:

  • Find your niche box. Target the people who are in your niche box.
  • Choose a theme for your page. Let your followers know your posts.
  • Post regularly. Let your audience see you every day.
  • Publish Stories on a daily basis.

Imagine how difficult is it to repeat all these strategies every day for every post. That’s why you need to schedule your Instagram posts. That way, you only need to have these strategies for one day and prepare your posts for the next week or month.

By scheduling, you have more time to find your customers. You can post anytime and from anywhere. You can post more on a strict plan for every day. Your followers will know that you are going to post on a specific time and they will wait for you.

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Why should you use an app to schedule your posts?

Now that we know why to schedule, let’s see how you can schedule. The simplest strategy is to write your plan down, prepare your posts and set an alarm. You can manually upload your image/video on the planned hour. However, there is a better way to do so. You can use an external app.

Using a post scheduler, you can spend much less time to grow your page. The real question is: “What is the best app to schedule Instagram posts?”

What is the best app to schedule Instagram posts?

According to our studies, AiGrow has the best app to schedule Instagram posts. AiGrow is easy to use and most importantly free. Now, let us show you how you can work with this platform.

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How to use AiGrow for scheduling Instagram posts:

#1. Prepare your images/videos. Think about your captions and hashtags.

#2. Go to and signup for free. You just need an email.

#3. Connect your Instagram account to your AiGrow account.

connect with account

For some accounts, Instagram will send a 6 digit code and you need to enter that code to your AiGrow account. You are required to enter that code when you want to add your IG account.

#4. Go to “Schedule Posts” tab and click on the schedule button.

#5. Upload your images or videos by dragging them from your computer.

enter code

You can upload up to 10 content, including images or videos. The number 10 is the Instagram limit for multiple posts. You have probably seen multiple posts as you can scroll right to see the next image or video.

#6. Enter your caption and hashtags. AiGrow has a tool for proposing hashtags for your posts.

#7. Choose your location.

#8. Choose the time and date.

#9. You can also choose different pages to publish one post on all of them. You can add multiple IG accounts to one AiGrow account.

#10. You can also delete posts after a certain time. This is very useful for pages with offers and discounts.

Final word

As we showed above, AiGrow is very easy to use. This astonishing platform also has other capabilities, including Growth Engine, Engagement Groups, and Automatic Direct Messages.

The best part is that AiGrow Instagram scheduler is absolutely free. Click here to try it yourself.

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