Leverage the SEO Strategies to Enjoy Growth in your Business

In the present day and age, a small independently owned venture to the large scale conglomerates, everyone is indulged in the online marketing campaign for their services and products. The best way to achieve online marketing is the SEO or the Search engine Optimization. 

What is SEO?

If you are unaware of what exactly comprises SEO, all you need to do is read on. SEO is the single most vital tool that enables your domain or landing page to rank higher with the user-end search results. There are many ways you can achieve this. Starting from unique and quality driven content, to properly implemented keywords, the options are galore.

Small Business SEO

However, there is the thing about technicality that you need to keep in mind. It is one thing to learn and read about SEO over the internet and quite another thing to implement the said strategies in the real world. To make you work easier, all you need to do is invest in a professional and expert third party agency to do the SEO for you, like the Fyrebird. Get hold of your expert and take your business to unforeseen highs. 

In the following section of the article we have gone over a few key strategies to implement for your business venture with respect to search engine optimization.

Let us have a look at them,

It all concerns the content, promotion and marketing

The content is still the king and there are ways that you need to go about posting the content so that it reaches the masses. Just having high quality and unique content is not enough these days. There are a few ways you can achieve this,

  • Since you don’t live under a rock, you will have multiple social networking profiles including the Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. If you are already on the platforms, how about you start by leveraging these accounts to drive your content to the masses? Schedule a post or link about your campaign on the networking platforms.
  • What you need to understand about these networking platforms is that each and every network is utilized for a different purpose. E.g. Twitter is best for engaging audience and build up the status of the influencer. Facebook is a multipurpose platform and Pinterest is a photo sharing app where you can share unique visuals about your campaign, products and experience.
  • There are paid social media promotions available to you concerning the posts and you can experiment with the type of campaign that is best suited for your venture. You will need to invest time in trial and error but you will be better off for it.
  • Employ a social media team or a group of tech-savvy experts to maintain and update content on the social media platforms.
  • Always make sure to avoid promotional content on a daily basis, since users won’t take to it kindly.

Keywords and keyword research

Keywords are what the users punch in to search for unique content and services. So you need to have strong, unique and well-implement popular keywords and phrases to drive the inbound traffic into your domain.

  1. For the perfect keyword, a lot of research is necessary and this is where the expert help is highly sought after.
  2. Your expert is not just responsible for the research of the keywords but also for the proper implementation of the same in the content and articles according to the industry guidelines. 
  3. You can invest time in doing the research all by yourself using free to use online tools including the Google AdWords.
  4. It is vital to use tools that allow you to monitor the most popular keyword searches all around the world in real time. A professional tool will also inform you about the availability of a specific word or phrase.
  5. There are professional tools that can help you with the research and implementation like the SEMrush.
  6. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that using too much keyword to misuse the search engine algorithms will earn you penalties without having any significance effect on the inbound traffic.   

While trying out the linking features

Links, whether inbound or outbound are the pillars on which your success will base itself in the long run. The number of referrals is the sign of trustworthiness and professionalism.

  1. The more inbound and outbound links you have in your articles, posts and contents, the higher your inbound traffic gets thereby increasing the visibility and trust.
  2. Abusing the linking features is called Black-hat SEO strategy and you should avoid such duplicitous means at all costs. There are strict guidelines to follow while implementing keywords and therefore having the expert to help you is a great idea.  
  3. The quality of the outbound and inbound links reflect the uniqueness and worth of the content with respect to the users, so make sure most of the links are directed towards authority content on the internet.
  4. The phrase or word on which the hyperlink is inserted should have similarity with the topic in hand to make the content user-friendly and transparent.

Yes, proof-reading and correction/maintenance is required

There are certain mandatory parameters that you need to fulfill with respect to the Contact, About Us, Privacy policy and Terms/Conditions of Use. All of the mentioned points should present themselves clearly to the users at the homepage or the domain landing page. Additionally, there are few things you need to do. These are listed as the following,

  1. HTML sitemap is highly important which are accessed by users all around the globe. You need to update the sitemap regularly.
  2. You need to submit the sitemap to the admins at the search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo so that the content, updates and the domain is properly indexed.
  3. Google webmaster tools are important as well which will enable you to index and monitor traffic for your domain. You can even communicate with the search engine admins in case something goes wrong. 

Yes, you do need the professional help to keep tabs on the current trends and technology available to you for devising SEO strategies for your campaign. Pick up the phone and contact your expert immediately.

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