The 4 Best Gold Farms in Classic WoW Phase 1

If you’ve been playing Classic WoW since launch, you may have noticed that the Auction House has not settled down and got into a rhythm yet. This is to be expected when a game first launches, items are still being farmed for, and nobody has enough WoWC Gold to sink into the Auction House. You may have browsed the Auction House only to find that something you’d expect to go for several WoW Classic gold coins is listed for a mere few silver! If you’re frustrated with this element of WoW Classic buy Gold yourself and beat the competition. Alternatively, you can follow these Classic WoW Gold farms to line your bags with more Gold. 

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Black Dragonscales

Dragonscales are skinned from Dragonkin mobs and are used in Dragonscale Leatherworking. There are some high-end Dragonscale armor pieces that leather-wearing classes will be seeking after as the approach the higher level dungeon content and the early Classic raids. If you farm for these scales now, you’ll be in a good position to demand a high price for them when the demand for them starts to grow. You can farm for Dragonscales by killing the Dragonkin mobs in the southeast of Dustwalllow Marsh, outside of the Onyxia Lair raid instance. The Dragonkin also drop Rugged Leather, which is also highly sought after, making this a very lucrative farm. 

Firefin Snappers

For this farm, you’ll need to have fishing as a secondary profession. The Firefin Snappers can be farmed from Arathi Highlands, Ashenvale, Azshara, Dustwallow Marsh, Stranglethorn Vale, Wetlands, Taranis, and Stonetalon Mountains. The best place to farm for this fish is in Stonetalon Mountains. The Firefin Snappers are needed to make Fire Oil, which is used to make other fire-based items such as Elixir of Firepower, Firepotection Potion, and more. 

Mining and Herbalism Professions

Mining and Herbalism are great gathering professions for making Gold. They are easy to level up since you often come across the nodes as your leveling through zones, and there are enough herbs and nodes everywhere that you can increase your skill level in no time. You can follow gathering maps posted by expert gatherers online, or use addons like GatherMate or Gatherer to help you locate nodes. Players leveling Blacksmithing and Alchemy will be in need of constant herbs and copper core, and you can fill that role and make yourself some WoWC Gold in the process. 

Jadefire Farm Run

This farm is more for players who are max level, or near max level. In the Felwood zone, there are Satyr mobs that will be called “Jadefire X” and these mobs drop two very useful items. They drop Demonic Rune, which is an essential raid consumable for any mana user, and particularly healers. Secondly, they drop Felcloth, which is used in Tailoring to create early raid armor for Warlocks. Felcloth sells extremely well on the Auction House.

If you’re more of a casual player and don’t have time to wait for the Classic economy to settle, then a CLassic WoW Gold Buy might be more for style, and this is something we can help with! 

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