The Technology You Need to Start a Business

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It’s important to make smart decisions when implementing new business technology into any organization. Start-ups have the opportunity to select the best products, services and tools to help the company succeed in a technology-centric world. These five fundamental factors can help any organization leverage the technology needed to successfully operate a business.

Data Security

According to Forbes Magazine, data security is one of the biggest concerns for 2015, emphasizing that “businesses need to know where their business critical information is at all times” (source: Forbes). Retail data breaches have been a hot topic in recent years and it shows that companies need to stay up-to-date with data security software and hardware to protect sensitive information. Businesses should proactively add layers of security walls to protect their financial documents with security printers, security check paper and other forms of data security (source: TROY Group).

Technology Consultant

A technology consultant is “one of the most important investments you can make [and] to ensure you have one or two local technology consultants who you trust (source: A knowledgeable technology consultant can help an organization identify their technological needs and configure their systems. Many IT contractors provide 24-hour support services to keep businesses operating efficiently.

Computers and Mobile Devices

While Windows desktop PCs still dominate the business computing world, mobile devices are steadily growing and will play a “critical role in business productivity in [less than] two years” (source:  Desktop computers should include at least 2 GB of RAM, substantial hard disk drive space and at least 2 GHz processing speeds. High-resolution monitors provide crisp image quality and help reduce eye strain. High-speed Internet access keeps businesses running smoothly and increases overall productivity.

Digital Presence

Websites should be one of the first things a business creates. Many businesses are creating website with regular blog posts and bring in new customers by leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Businesses should also consider maintaining their profiles on third-party services, such as Yelp, Google Places and Facebook Places. Social media is also crucial to building strong brand loyalty and reaching new customers.

Email and Communication

Most Web hosts provide email services that are associated with the domain. Businesses can also subscribe to premium email and communication services, such as Google Apps for Business, Yahoo! Small Business and Microsoft Exchange. Voice Over IP, or VoIP, can save businesses money by routing phone calls through the Internet while providing advanced calling services.


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