How VoIP Benefits SMBs

Most people who have a VoIP system set up are already aware of it, and what it can do for them. However, those who don’t, and remain on traditional voice systems, may not be aware that there are a number of advantages to using business VoIP providers. Below are a few benefits of having a VoIP System for small and mid-sized businesses.

Advantage #1: Cost Savings

Because you’re leveraging the power of the Internet to make calls to your customers and other businesses, you can substantially reduce your calling costs (Source: Ideacom Solutions Group). In fact, with a VoIP system, you can configure it a way that’s similar to how your old phone system worked, as well as having useful new features available such as automatic call routing, so you will always be available to your clients.

VoIP doesn’t require the phone company connections: it dials directly through your machine or a switch installed to allow users to have their phone lines plugged in. And because it uses the power of the Internet, not hard-wired connections, international and long-distance calls are far cheaper.

Advantage #2: Extras You May Want on Your PBX is Common With VoIP

VoIP systems have been around for a number of years, and have been used by the largest companies until more recently, when small businesses discovered that they could have powerful VOIP systems that rival what PBX systems can do at a fraction of the cost: whether you’re looking for music on hold, voicemail to email transcription, or smart call routing, which will try your office, then your cell, and then wherever you tell it to– VoIP systems for business now contain the features and the reporting capabilities that your business is looking for (Source: TechRepublic).

If you’re looking for an auto attendant or IVR system, again, these are now features you can get at a fraction of the cost of what companies pay for their PBX. VoIP Phone Service gives you a much more robust system at a much lower price.

Advantage #3: Switching to VoIP is Painless

With technicians experienced in configuring solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses, switching over to a VoIP system is easy, and sometimes can even use the same or similar equipment so that you are sure that your end-user (internal, employee) experience is easy and without hiccups. You see immediate cost reductions, as well as high-quality service over the IP network while eliminating your old PBX company from the equation.

With the added features, VoIP provides its users over a traditional PBX system– quality, consistency, lower cost, and better service– it’s the right time to move to the communications systems of the future. With a reliable VoIP system provider, you can get more for your business, reducing your costs, and making sure you’re always available to your clients when you want to be.

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