Does Your Team Feel TGIF ?


On a Friday, most people breeze into office, their minds often wander in weekend-inspired-lands! There’s a buzz in the air filled with anticipation of the end of work week gala! Angry bosses, pending deliverables, upcoming appraisals are all pushed to the back of the mind and there’s almost a forced determination to wrap up the week and head into the lap of leisure!

This is the best time to tap into people’s uplifted moods and let them know you care enough to give them a good time!

Why should you invest in fun activities?


Your employees have had a tough week. Many stay back after hours for free, probably skipping a child’s birthday or an anniversary, some must have cancelled vacations to meet the timelines you have decided! A small gesture from you will tell them it was all worth it!

Promotes Team Interaction

Fun activities encourage employees to interact on a less professional and a more personal platform. Backgrounds are revealed, stories are told, talents discovered and friendships are forged. Support systems thus built translate into better communication and higher productivity at work as well.

Improves Team Performance

With greater opportunities to interact, teams understand their strengths, weaknesses and interests better. A closely knit team works better and delivers greater quality.

Helps with employee retention

A supportive, peaceful workplace that proactively recognizes employees’ contributions provides employees with the job satisfaction most look for. This drives them to stay connected with the organization.

Builds on organization’s standing

An organization is ultimately an amalgamation of its employees. With motivated employees at the helm, it can only steer forward and higher!

What can you do?

Recognize efforts

One doesn’t have to wait one year long to let a good worker know he’s good! Small monthly or bi-monthly awards are a great way to motivate employees and drive them to perform better!

Encourage talent

Most of your employees are busy in the routine work, probably have surprising talents hidden up their sleeves. Give them the platform to showcase them before their fraternity. A little applause can work wonders in boosting morale and increasing self confidence.


You may not be giving them a holiday on Diwali or Christmas this year, but make sure you make their day worthwhile anyways! Small goodies to take back home, fun games and quizzes are marvelous spirit lifters! Don’t underestimate the wonders a small pack of sweets can work for you!


Be it a high end cocktail party or a simple luncheon, celebrate milestones achieved and prepare for future challenges over a meal! A family that eats together, stays together!

These little ideas can go a long way in making your organization a great place to work in. You would be surprised to see that most of them do not even require significant monetary resources. A little time and some efforts are all it takes for your employees to find their work fun and fulfilling!

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