Team Building Activities To Begin The New Year

For many business owners, inspiring the workforce should be their new year’s resolutions. Stale and boring workplaces go hand in hand with low production output and low retention rates of staff. Inspiring the workforce can be a great way to build a family at work and to prevent a better working environment. This can be achieved through team building activities which can create an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement. Here are our top team building ideas and choices for you and your team in 2017.

Choosing the Activities

Choosing the activities carefully is important to maximise what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your company. By identifying the main challenges facing your team currently, you will be able to decide what activities will work. Team building exercises are excellent ways of getting a group of people who don’t know each other well to work together. Consider hiring a professional team building company who specialise in maximising your team building time. We recommend team tactics who supply a great team building service.

Improve the Communication

If one of your focuses is improving communication within your team then plan for team building exercises which include teamwork and communication as part of the process. Two examples of this kind of activities are the survival scenarios and adult telephone. The adult telephone game is an exercise which shows just how a message can get lost through different perceptions and interpretations. The game which used to be called Chinese whispers shows exactly how information can be misconstrued when passed from person to person demonstrating the importance of communication and the negativity of idle gossip. The survival scenario divides teams into several groups giving them all several options for survival gear. This game works by engaging the group in decision making, listening and trusting one another.

Trust Building

Trust building exercises can help bring together team members to improve trust and dependence within the framework of a team. Exercises such as local rope climbing courses where a mix of physical activity and cooperation will help to encourage trust amongst colleagues. Another trust exercise is the famous falling backwards towards a coworker in the hope that they will catch them.

Conflict Within a Group

Should you have a troubled internal conflict then there are a number of activities that can be used to help break up the issues and restore peace to the workplace. Some of the games involve physical activities such as treasure hunts and other games which have been adapted to adults. By pairing up the conflicting employees and forcing them to work together the warring parties can resolve issues through teamwork.

Add Some Colour To The Workplace

Install miscellaneous treats for your team by bringing in mini treats to share or organise a weekly meal at lunchtime to be paid for by the company. Clarify roles within the company with progression plans and meetings to discuss any issues. Attempt to solve any issues that exist at the beginning of the year so that 2017 starts of a fresh.

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