SysAid: The IT Help Desk Software With Everything And Then Some

When purchasing IT help desk software, you should consider what it is you’ll actually need. Some of the most common requirements are the ability to track problems, to set up a troubleshooting and resolution flow and to collect and analyze data about issues that come up. Additionally, you’ll probably want a software suite with a ticketing system, remote monitoring capabilities, and a built-in communication system.

With IT help desk software by SysAid, you get all of these things and more. Essentially, just about anything that you could think of to make it easier to track, resolve and prevent IT-related issues, SysAid provides.


SysAid can be implemented in-house or in the cloud, and it’s both scalable and customizable. As your organization grows, your IT help desk software grows with you without any need for major overhauls. Along with basic and full versions of the software, you can also choose to go a la carte, which allows you to pick and choose which options you want to be included in your software package.

The IT help desk software is also very customizable. Whether you need to create workflows, forms or make adjustments to existing modules, you’re able to do so. Using SysAid, you don’t have to work around your help desk software to get what you want to be done.


Another major selling point of SysAid is the automation that their IT help desk software offers. While you clearly want to have control over how problems are routed, addressed and tracked, you don’t necessarily need your employees to deal with issues manually. SysAid allows you to set up custom flows for how each type of problem that you may have is addressed and who or what department is notified of an issue.

This ensures that different people and groups aren’t working at cross-purposes on the same issue. Additionally, it means that the individuals or department that will be best able to resolve an issue will be the ones notified of it thanks to automatic escalation rules. When it’s determined that an individual or group cannot fix a problem, automatic escalation ensures that problems can be immediately addressed.

Analytics and Remote Tracking

Analytics is an essential part of a useful and efficient help desk software suite, and SysAid offers robust data tracking tools. In addition to the fact that analytics can help you track how problems are handled and ensure that they’re resolved appropriately, data can also enable you to forecast your staffing needs and identify ongoing trends. Without tracking data, it can be difficult to nail down when particular software or hardware is failing and why, and this is especially true if you have a large number of employees or groups handling technical issues.

Another feature of SysAid is the ability to keep track of what’s going on even when you’re not on-site. Mobile apps and remote desktop capabilities allow management and authorized individuals to track trouble tickets, keep an eye on service levels and see how system resources are being used.

Management Tools

Asset and patch management tools are also included in SysAid’s helpdesk software. Along with keeping tabs on your software and hardware, the system is also able to detect changes made to your existing infrastructure. Another benefit of the software is that it includes patch management. This can help to ensure that patches go through smoothly and without causing major headaches when systems fail to communicate with each other or when settings are changed as a result of a patch.

One way that the software helps to ensure that patches go smoothly is to identify potential results of a patch, including problems or unexpected changes. Being aware of potential problems can allow you to make adjustments that prevent issues from cropping up.

Additional Features

Using SysAid also means you have the ability to take advantage of third-party plug-ins and integrations. The software suite works with Google Apps, Dell Web Services and Slack, just to name a few. SysAid will also work with your existing user interfaces and can collect data from a variety of sources, including email, databases, SMS messages and data from CSV files.

There are also a number of other helpful tools that are integrated into the software. You have access to built-in chat, the ability to easily create a knowledge management system and hardware and network monitoring. Instead of having to cobble together a variety of tools that can handle these tasks for you, everything is built-in and integrated.

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