Student Block: How To Get Further


The first thing I want to reassure you about is that this is only a passing phase. Everyone can experience this block in a moment of their studies, but with the right action plan, you can overcome it! So, let’s see what those tips are.

Set An Easy Goal

If you are stuck you cannot expect to get back on track by giving ALL the exams you have back, even the most difficult. Regardless of the cause of your block, the first step to getting back on the road is to start out simple.

Motivation comes in large part from getting results. So, to make sure you get your first motivation load, prepare and pass an easy exam. Thus, begins to regenerate motivation and confidence and then, slowly, go to attack the biggest exams! And try not to be a perfectionist while you study, because many times the block is also given by this sense of wanting to know everything. Don’t seek perfection, remember that your goal is to pass the test. And if we would about an essay, the same principle applies here too. It is better to hand in something than not to hand in an essay at all. Of course, you can also cut corners and hire yourself an essay writer to achieve the perfect result.

Based on these principles, take your exam and plan your study day.

Don’t Face The Challenge Alone

Alone, it’s easier to break down, get distracted, and lose confidence. So, another trick to stay on course once you have set it is to surround yourself with sailing companions. So, it’s better to study in a group with the right precautions!

The commitment to study clearly must be yours, as it is your responsibility for the results, but being surrounded by people who support and motivate you makes the path easier. You need two types of support.

Moral support is given by all those people who, like you, are committed to unblocking their situation and therefore know how you feel. But also, from those who have already managed to overcome the block and can give you advice about it. In this case, you can create your personal group, or you can join #iostudiorapido and be part of the Facebook support group where you will find dozens and dozens of students ready to support you and that you can support in your turn.

Logistical support, we can call it that. That is, given by someone who has already prepared and passed the exam and who can therefore help you in the most practical issues such as clarifying your doubts, simplifying concepts, perhaps listening to you, and testing your preparation. In this case, you can find the right elements during the lessons, or you can rely on the forum of your university.

Apply The Right Study Method

We have said that motivation follows results. In turn, the results follow the application of the right method. Einstein said the madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So, according to this principle, if you expect to pass exams while continuing to practice a method that didn’t get you that far before, you are swimming against the tide.

Now that you have the goal to follow and the support of the right people, you need to apply the right techniques:

  • Reading.
  • Underline.
  • Schematization.
  • Memorization.

All the phases of a good method correctly applied leads you to obtain the result, leads you to be ready to take and pass the exam. The study method is vast and to learn the techniques that are most suitable for you to start with, you can use the blog, which now contains many useful articles, not just those linked on this page!

Create A Virtuous Circle

Here we go. As soon as you have taken the first exam and passed it, even if it is simple, then you turn the page and choose another exam, of the same difficulty or maybe a bit more complex, and start the preparation cycle we have just seen again.

Automatically your motivation will increase, and the conviction of success will be reinvigorated by the results obtained. Not to mention that you will have become familiar with the method, and it will be spontaneous for you to raise the bar and go to attack those more complicated tests that you have left behind.

So, here’s how to go from a stuck student to a successful student. Remember, that if you are stuck, you are only going through a passing phase.

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