Steps of Getting a LEI

The Legal Entity Identifier is a 20 character alphanumeric code based on the ISO standard from the International Organization for Standardization. It connects to critical reference data, making it possible to identify legal entities involved in financial transactions in a clear and unique manner. Each LEI provides details about a company’s ownership structure, addressing the questions “who is who” and “who owns whom. There are many options for obtaining an LEI number, and it is critical for your business, so you can Get a Legal Entity Identifier here.

Getting a LEI

Is the LEI required?

January 2018 date marks the implementation of the European Union’s updated Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and related regulation, which impacts trading venues, investment firms, and their intermediaries. If the traders want to purchase or sell securities, the investment service provider/bank must ensure that they have a valid LEI. Although having an active LEI is not required if you only want to keep securities, it is highly recommended. When you decide to sell your assets, a lapsed LEI or the lack of one can be a nasty surprise.

Transfer of LEI

LEI transfer is the process of moving the LEI code from one service provider to another. The client has a choice of service providers because the LEI is transferrable. The LEI can be changed to another LEI issuer if the client is unhappy with the costs, service, or data quality. During the transfer, the LEI number does not change. It is a back-end process that is not visible to end-users. In all jurisdictions, all LEI codes are accepted. The LOU makes it impossible for investment service providers to discern LEI numbers.

These are the procedures for obtaining an LEI number

A Legal Entity Identifier is obtained using a three-step process.

  • Fill in all of the blanks on the above registration form for a Legal Entity Identifier number.
  • Submit your application and make a payment using a credit card, PayPal, or a bank connection.
  • Your information will be processed, and the LEI number will be emailed to you.

As soon as you make your payment, your application will be sent for data validation and You will obtain your legal entity identifier in ninety percent of the situations within 12 hours.

The LEI Code is being renewed

An LEI Code normally has a one-year validity period. To keep using the code, it must be renewed every year using an application form. This can also be done through the same online portal; the only difference is that you should select Modify and Renewal instead of Register this time. Any changes to this part will also need the authorized person’s permission. All of the details appear instantly after the LEI Code is entered into the form. Following the accurate marking of the LEI renewal checkbox, the same form completion, payment, and document submission process must be followed.


Corporate transactions are now at exorbitant levels and involve significantly vast quantities, thanks to technological advancements. As a result, companies and financial institutions are exposed to significant risk. The global financial crisis of 2007-08 emphasized the importance of financial transaction openness. As a result, obtaining an LEI number for your organization is critical.

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