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With the business world becoming more globalized every day, if your company is active in foreign markets, you need to keep up with localization industry trends. The localization industry is a dynamic and multi-faceted world of language translation, marketing disciplines, international regulatory expertise, and machine translation advancements that are all changing every day. 

To take advantage of all the industry has to offer your multi-national company, you need to stay aware of all the localization industry trends. These trends can positively affect your brand’s ability to compete in all the markets its entered or is planning on entering.

If your brand still has aspirations to explore other new markets, the localization industry is something you should keep your finger on the pulse of. When your brand is in the process of expansion and growth into new markets around the world, you want to save as much money as you can towards any unforeseen circumstances. Staying aware of the trends in localization can help you stay ahead of the curve as you find new ways to streamline usage of localization services and maximize the benefits of this specialized branch of business. 

Localization Industry Trend Report Source

With business challenges arising every day in multiple countries around the world, staying as up to date as possible is crucial to assure your operations remain viable and profitable, no matter which industry your brand is engaged in. is a website catering specifically to all the needs of the localization and translation industry. From job listings to localization news items, Slator keeps you current on all the localization industry trends that can affect your current markets. They have a large selection of quality data and research reports that keep you informed on everything you need to know to function smoothly in a foreign market and engage effectively with language service providers.  

Growing Specialization within Localization

As more and more markets begin to open their doors to multi-national brands and embrace the trend toward globalization, the specialist niches of the localization industry continue to expand as well. From life sciences and healthcare to travel and retail, many localization firms are narrowing their focus and concentrating on what they do best. 

By staying current with the growing emphasis on specialization, your brand can leverage the information within the reports offered by Slator into finding a localization firm that provides the expertise you need to overcome the specific challenges you’re experiencing.  

Using this information effectively is one way on which you can cut costs as well. By being able to act on localization industry trends as they happen can keep your brand outperforming the competition in a given region and market. This elimination of the need to undo or redo marketing and operational decisions can save you time, effort and money and also protect your brand’s reputation.  

With the increasing need to conduct operations on a global scale to compete effectively in your industry, keeping up with localization industry trends is vital in today’s international business world, and Slator provides the reports that allow you to keep your fingers on the pulse of these trends.

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