5 Simple Ways to Stay-Up-to-Date in your Professional Field

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Working in today’s dynamic and fast paced world means constantly keeping up to date with industry trends, new information and discoveries. This is not only important if you’re just starting off your career, but it remains highly important throughout your entire career. Constantly staying up-to-date in the industry is extremely important when working with clients who may demand the latest products, technology and/or procedures. You always want to make sure to therefore be prepared and offer your clients exactly what they’re looking for. Staying up-to-date is however also very important for self-growth as it is important to keep the brain active and open to new knowledge. A few great ways to say on top of new trends and information are: reading, finding a mentor, networking, following prominent people on social media and listening to podcasts as well as watching informational videos such as TED Talks.

A great way to keep the brain active while refreshing your skills is to obviously keep studying. There are a number of online courses on offer which you can take to work on building soft skills such as leadership and negotiation or IT skills applicable to a wide range of roles. Reading in general is a fantastic way to gain new knowledge and there are an incredible amount of articles, opinion pieces, journals and trade publications discussing topics within all industries, which are easily accessible.  For example, We Build Value is a free digital magazine focusing on the engineering and construction sector which constantly offers stimulating articles on invigorating topics within the industry.

Another great way to stay informed is by having a mentor with whom to exchange thoughts on a regular basis.  A mentor can either be a stranger or a friend who has experience in your industry or an industry you are interested in and who can share new information in a social context. A mentor should be someone you can ask a number of questions, without ever feeling judged, and who can also provide and share a different perspective. Informational learning via a mentor is key to understanding the ins and outs of an industry.

Networking events are not only a great way to build connections by meeting new and interesting people, but they are a wonderful way to gain valuable knowledge and different perspectives. Conferences, industry events and training sessions are great places to start, and reaching out to suppliers, customers and professionals who work in related fields is also a great way to gain a wider understanding of the industry. Networking with new people who may work in similar fields could also be a different way to stay informed on what your competitors are thinking and doing.

It is no secret that social media has become the quickest source to news. People of great influence often share their thoughts on social media, wanting to interact with their public and followers and start a discussion. Thus following well-known experts and industry people on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. is a great way to absorb real time news and their latest thoughts and opinions. Don’t be afraid to reach out and comment on posts as well, it can be a fantastic way to make valuable connections while sharing insight that could be useful to someone else. LinkedIn also has a selection of active groups and forums where people share ideas and learn from one another.

Similarly, to social media, podcast are slowly taking over the world and sharing insightful news on current topics. They can be extremely informative and entertaining at the same time and they an easy way to keep up with trends while passing time on your commute, at the gym or even walking your dog! Find a podcast within your preferred industry and just press play to immerse yourself. Watching TED Talks is also a great way to stay informed while hearing other people’s professional opinions and thoughts.

Staying up to date within your industry and other similar industries is extremely important in providing the very best and and most efficient work. By constantly absorbing new knowledge your brain is stimulated into producing new ideas which can benefit not only yourself but also your company and industry.

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