Startup Success: Lessons Learned from KiwiGambler’s Growth in the Gambling Industry

Founded in 2019, New Zealand casino affiliate platform can still be considered a start-up in an industry that is internationally known for its fierce competition. According to a spokesperson of the KiwiGambler website, it was actually the constant pressure of the strong competition that made it possible for the online platform to gain a lot of market knowledge in a relatively short period of time.

Gambling Industry

Now considered one of the leading sources in its niche, online casino affiliate platform KiwiGambler now wants to share its experience to help other online entrepreneurs. In this article we’ll talk about the lessons learned from KiwiGambler’s growth in the gambling industry.

Low Barrier Business Model

Online gambling affiliate businesses are popping up every day which isn’t very surprising considering the fact that governments regulate the market in many parts of the world. The lucrative online business model of these websites is however another reason why more and more platforms have started to focus on the potential of online gambling.

Source profits of up to 60% can be earned by the affiliate businesses which is particularly favourable as some payout models are set up in such a way that lifetime rewards are earned by the affiliate meaning that all future spendings can keep on rewarding the affiliate that brought in the customer.

With today’s online casino business representing a billion dollar industry, it is quite easy to understand why everyone wants a piece in this niche. The gambling affiliate industry is also a fairly low risk industry as most of the activities are performed online and don’t require any financial capital or physical presence.

It’s All About The Right Partners

Online casino affiliates operate in an industry known for its competition which is why it is important to attract both new players and turn them into existing users. Making this possible is only an option if casino operators provide their players with a proper service. KiwiGambler therefore considers partnering with strong operator’s as one of its main tasks.

This is why all websites are thoroughly analysed, tested, and retested by KiwiGambler’s team of casino professionals before and after adding them to the platform. In order to do so, only licensed casinos are selected, with special attention paid to the responsible gaming policy as online gambling should always be prioritised as an entertainment activity rather than a way to make an extra income.

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

The skilled online gambling experts of KiwiGambler know how to recognise a good casino and separate the wheat from the chaff. This explains why good casinos will be labelled as good and bad casinos will be put in the bad range. New Zealanders have shown to appreciate KiwiGambler’s transparency and honesty, putting players first. This is why players come back to their website to find the latest reviews, bonuses, and other deals.

Exclusive Deals

Deals can be found in all kinds of forms with match up bonuses being most common, but free spins deals, cashbacks, no-deposit bonuses, also being widely available. New Zealanders will however also find exclusive casino deals that aren’t available anywhere else.

Some bonuses are tailored to the New Zealand market, giving players the flexibility to make deposits in their own currency (New Zealand dollars) with the same being true for withdrawing winnings. With the financial part adapted to its target market for most online casino bonuses and other banking related activities, there is no need anymore for local players to exchange currencies or even recalculate their spendings and earnings.

Selecting The Right Target Market Also Helps

What has made a vast contribution to KiwiGambler’s overall growth is its favourable market; the online gambling market in home country New Zealand. Online gambling is not legalised in the country, but the government does allow overage players to make their online bets on gambling platforms that are offered offshore.

Online casinos are not allowed on New Zealand soil, but there is currently no gambling law in place that restricts New Zealanders from making their real money bets on international sites. Moreover, New Zealanders do not have to pay gambling taxes which gives them a very convenient position to enjoy their winnings.

With the online betting market in the country growing each day and more and more international operators launching their services in the country, KiwiGambler was one of the first websites to intermediate between players and casino operators. This has given KiwiGambler a strong brand awareness in New Zealand with casinos more than happy to partner with them.

Other than most other international casino affiliates, KiwiGambler works with local content creators which is why they’re able to understand the market. Knowing what local players want is essential to set yourself apart from other competitors on the market. New Zealanders are known for their preferences for local initiatives with KiwiGambler being one of the most remarkable online success stories in the country.

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