Startup Ideas for 2021

The foundation of the global economy is changing fast. That means entrepreneurs have to stay current on the freshest kinds of opportunities. That warning is especially true in a post-COVID world, where vast numbers of people work from home, rely on door-to-door delivery of all sorts of goods, and have a variety of skills that businesses desperately need. What are some of the most profitable fields in the new economy, and what does it take to make them pay off for small and large startups? Here’s a short list of the most lucrative niches for anyone willing to take the financial risk of starting a brand-new company in 2021.

Startup Ideas

Lead Generation for Professional Firms

The professional services niche, which includes physicians, law firms, dentists, psychologists, and other specialty providers, competition is intense. Small startups that focus on delivering clients to new doctors, attorneys, and dentists can get going with minimal expenses and work from a home office. Most business models in this segment earn profits one of two ways: they either charge on a per-lead basis or qualify the leads and take a percentage of the first visit fee. If you currently reside in a large city, it’s possible to build up earnings rather quickly once you establish a relationship with a few professional practices. Dentists and chiropractors are the best sources for your first jobs.

Commercial Fleet Management

There are several ways to build a startup business within the fleet management space. In an industry that’s becoming highly tech-oriented, there’s a need for skilled programmers who can improve current fleet system programs or build fresh ones from scratch. If you have basic programming skills, it’s possible to create fleet software products on your own and sell them directly to commercial delivery companies. Additionally, because so many existing corporations leverage the benefits of short haul trucking, there is room for resellers of fleet management software products who are willing to call on the trade and cater to trucking companies that need to modernize their on-board technology. You can review a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about short-haul trucking and get started with a business plan.

Personal Services Outcall Company

In an aging population where millions of retirees either don’t want to drive or are unable to navigate the roads safely, at-home personal services are taking off as a standalone business sector. The main lines of work that make up this new startup field include hair styling/cutting, massage, manicure services, and fitness training. Your first group of providers can work part-time or on-call. You earn fees as a percentage of total hours booked. The beauty of this pursuit is that you can outsource all the services and simply run your new company as manager who matches clients with providers. The massage industry has long been set up this way, but all the other personal care providers are getting in on the action. To manage your own company, all you need is a phone and a computer, plus the willingness to spend a few months building a client and provider base.

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