3 Tech Solutions for Fleet Management

Technology is transforming every aspect of commerce, and that includes fleet management. According to Forbes, the supply chain was already evolving rapidly in 2019, long before the COVID-19 events unfolded in 2020, making it essential for all points, including transportation and delivery, to adopt more tech solutions. The fleet management sector is forever growing and becoming more competitive and as a result, it’s causing a suppression of margins and driving down profits. Investing in a tech solution, much like a fuel management system is going to be vital to reducing one of your biggest overheads. iCompario, an online fuel card comparison site will partner you with the best fuel card to help you save money.

3 Tech Solutions for Fleet Management

Tech solutions can help your organization ramp up productivity and profits, and keep your drivers safe and your fleet in peak condition. If you wonder what types of tech and digitization you need, take a look at three essential tech solutions for fleet management today. 

1. Real-Time GPS Tracking 

GPS technology was one of the most crucial innovations of the 20th century, influencing consumer automotive, fitness, and certainly transportation industries. While it has now existed for decades, it is now more accurate than ever, making it a critical tool for transportation and delivery companies to stay on track for delivery success. 

Here are some tangible benefits to real-time fleet GPS tracking:

  • Increase fleet visibility with state-of-the-art mapping capabilities to know where your team is at all times
  • Streamline maintenance planning, allowing you to set up maintenance sessions based on factors like miles driven
  • Save money on fuel, repairs, insurance, and more

2.  Smart Cameras 

Smart cameras offer transportation companies a bounty of solutions and benefits. Whether you run a fleet of delivery vans, semis, or passenger buses, installing a GPS-enabled smart camera has become increasingly crucial. With this tech solution, you can monitor vehicle locations, driving behaviors, and gain invaluable information in a traffic accident. Today’s fleet management tech providers understand that everyday accidents cost time, money, reputation, and sometimes lives. You will have indisputable evidence for not-at-fault accidents to back up your driver’s account of the event. 

With a high-quality smart camera that features built-in AI, you can also coach and manage your team to better protect your employees and fleet.

3. Driver Routing and Dispatch

Another time-saving tech solution for large fleet management is a driver routing and dispatch module, which lets you send available routes to drivers directly to a Garmin device or their smartphone loaded with the Garmin app. This software helps increase drivers’ productivity by around 20 percent. You will also see spikes in safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction, thanks to faster delivery times. 

Here are some additional benefits to investing in this software: 

  • Real-time visibility allows you to see which drivers are closest to a new job, allowing you to send the right driver for the speediest client response.
  • Optimized routes can help your driver avoid traffic issues when this software takes easily customizable pre-defined routes and make adjustments based on real-time mapping capabilities. Optimize with a routing dashlet to program pre-defined stop routes to accommodate highway, speed, and distance preferences. 
  • Streamlines the dispatching process by sending messages to drivers in the field, alerting them of a job they might want to pick up. 

Use Tech Solutions to Your Organization’s Advantage 

Today’s fleet-related tech solutions offer your organization the chance to stay competitive in the fast-paced transportation world. The supply chain is transforming at an ever-quickening pace, and it is vital for your business to keep up with the trends in technology. Solutions like GPS tracking, smart cameras, and digitized driver dispatching can help you keep your drivers and fleet safe and on the road while ensuring that your clients receive their deliveries or make their destinations safely and on time. 

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