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business successThere can be few places offering commercial premises to small businesses as iconic as the Mansion House. Not only is it home to the Lord Mayor of the City of London, but it also houses his offices and provides spectacular space for conferences and business meetings.

It is a truly magnificent setting, with neighbours such as the Bank of England opposite and other blue chip companies. Other institutions such as Bloomberg have also set up business nearby in what is a unique business area.

Somewhere to Meet

The most successful fundraisers and charity events get their venue spot on. Choosing the right venue could be the difference between a good night and a great one. It is a popular choice with cabinet ministers for receptions, too, and many visiting heads of state are taken to the Mansion House as part of their visit. They are among some 50,000 people to visit every year.

Do Business at the Mansion House

There is space available as commercial property Mansion House London and a chance to put your own business on the map. Location is crucial to the success of your business. Getting it right requires careful planning and execution, but managed well, can put your business on the right track and reduce your own stress levels!

Where you choose to do business affects your staff and your suppliers as well as potential customers, so be sure to consider them all when choosing your premises. Naturally, you must think about profitability and running costs, but for your employees, there is more to the place they work than how to get there or where to park; it’s about the facilities and environment as well.

It’s no secret that happy staff members are more productive, and retention is better in companies where employees enjoy coming to work. Recruitment and training can be a significant cost to a business and one that can be higher than it needs to be if your turnover is being affected by the working environment.


Choosing iconic space, such as the Mansion House, can be a great idea, depending on your business and whether or not it is realistic to aim for it. If you only need the occasional wow factor, it might be more appropriate to base your business elsewhere and use the Mansion House for functions or other events. Clients might appreciate the quirky appeal, and it could prove to be the differentiating factor that sets you apart from your competitors.

Set a Budget

Ultimately, business space comes down to money, and if your business cannot afford fancy space, don’t rent it. It might impress your customers, but if the business folds, there will be no customers left to impress. If your brand ‘requires’ impressive premises, it might be that you need to look carefully at your space requirements; with more and more people able to work flexibly, could you consider hot desks and save money that way? Set your budget and stick to it.

Many agents and surveyors will be able to advise on available space that could suit your requirements.

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