Revamp Your Venue and Watch Your Customers Form a Line


Whatever type of venue you own, the idea of it going stale is likely to fill you with dread. If business is starting to tail off, or if the competition has opened up nearby, this can be a very worrying time for a business owner, and it’s no wonder that many panic, slash prices and start to offer pretty insane promotions to try and get people through the door. But maybe it’s what’s behind the door that’s the problem. When it comes to a venue you’ve spent most of your working days inside, spotting what no longer works is pretty difficult, as you’ve become so accustomed to it all. So maybe instead of offering cut-price meals or drinks, it’s time to take a good look around your venue and make some positive changes that will really get your punters excited.

Take stock of what you’ve got

This may require you to bring in a fresh pair of eyes but it’s well worth doing. Visit your venue as a customer and consider their point of view. Does this feel like a venue you’d like to spend more time at? What do you love about it? What could work better? Ask yourselves these questions, and be honest with your answers (and if you don’t think you can do that – bring a friend who can!). Then go and visit the competition if you can and ask the same questions. From there, compile a list, work out your budget and start to think about what you can do to make your venue better. It may be as simple as a lick of paint, or as complicated as putting down a new dance floor – once you’ve walked a mile in your customers shoes, you’ll have a better idea about what’s attractive and what’s not.

Are you giving your customers what they want?

If you’re creating an atmosphere where people can relax, have fun and socialise, then you need to keep them loyal to you. It’s all very well making your customers comfortable, but comfortable can equal boring, so you need to make little additions to keep them coming back. Whether that’s new tunes on a jukebox, a photobooth with pictures they can treasure from their nights out, or even phone charging stations, your customers will realise you’re trying to make the place great for them, and they’ll reward you by coming back time and time again. Some of these items aren’t expensive and will really build your business. You can find a photobooth for sale online fairly inexpensively, and phone chargers are inexpensive too! Consider implementing a suggestion box – or feedback from your website, and use it to constantly evolve your venue.

Do you need a refit?

The thought of closing for a few days to get new carpets or seating put in can be daunting – where will your customers go when they’re not with you? However, on the other side of this is the fact that if your customers get bored with your venue, uncomfortable on your old seating or frustrated by dated décor, then you’re likely to lose them anyway. Consider closing midweek rather than for the weekend, and then re-launch your “refurbished venue” with a huge fanfare and couple of offers for new faces. You’d be amazed at the buzz you can create by doing up your venue and hosting an opening night to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Change may be scary, but with it can come a new lease of life for a flagging venue too. Whether you’re looking to make small changes to your venue or completely revamp it, considering the points above will ensure that any changes you make will be positive.

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