Best Sound Mixers for Streaming

Your audience needs fine-tuned audio experience of your stream and to do this you need to find a good quality sound mixer for streaming. If you are looking for the right mixer that suits your needs you are at the right place, keep reading further to find out which mixer will give you seamless streaming. Never worry about the streamer ruining the game experience. 

Best Sound Mixers for Streaming

1. Go XLR 

GoXLR comes with great power, good customizability, and is compact. GoXLR is one of the best choices you can make. This product was designed around video games. It packs a punch while handling a lot of functionality. 

GoXLR comes with various audio effects like Echo, Reverb, and Megaphone. It has a +48V phantom power that will give you unparalleled audio and long hours of great sound. 

With somebody who has a basic knowledge of audio processing, you can easily handle this awesome mixer. The system has an intuitive UI and is easy to follow. You can seamlessly mix audio once you get some practice, in no time you will master it and create some memorable moments. This makes setting up a streaming PC or a console stream easy. 

Even though this device is expensive, it is all worth it as it gives you consistency and no compromise on quality. 

High sound qualityExpensive than standard mixers 
High power
Various customizing options
Options for voice-modulation

2.  Creative SoundBlaster K3+

 This is another great mixer available for all enthusiastic streamers. It offers great quality and is powerful. This sound mixer for streaming makes your audio sound like you are in a recording studio. 

It allows you to make all the necessary changes to your sound with the amazing set of adjustable knobs and reverb effects available in nine variations. You can continue listening to your high-voltage music with ease and you won’t have to worry about pausing the game. 

It seems a little daunting to use the actual knobs to control everything but with a little practice everything will work itself out. It is easy to carry and there is no need for a PC to function. You can also connect it to your phone which is a good feature.

It supports only two channels that might make streaming on multiple devices a tedious task. This is the device that best suits live-streamers, musicians, and podcasters. 

Affordable Only two channels supported
CompactNot a user-friendly design
48V Phantom Power
Physical knobs with 9 types of reverb effects

3. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer 

This is a good and affordable sound mixer for streaming multiple audios. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer is a classic in many ways and with chat-based streams becoming more and more popular, this mixer is great for it. It is a versatile mixer that can fit well in different settings. 

It supports eight channels and is superb for someone who is into podcasts, live music, and anything related to gaming. It has USB ports and a built-in Bluetooth receiver to make it compatible with any computer. A large number of channels hampers the quality sometimes and is difficult to customize. The hardware is highly receptive and durable which will last for a while. 

Durable and consistent Lacks quality and customization
Affordable Basic functions and features 

4. Behringer Xenyx 502

Behringer Xenyx 502 sound mixer for streaming is one that gives you full value for your money. It is one of the best for live-streaming and professional recordings. It comes with all the tools that will enhance the sound quality. It has two stereo channels and works well for people who are interested in mixing sound and nothing more.  

It has all the good features that other sound mixers have and offers it at a lower cost. 

This audio mixer is great for people who don’t yet know what they want to stream or want to experiment with streaming. It allows you to have a simple start with recording and editing software. It has five channels and is quite impressive. This device lasts long and is consistent, great for anybody who is just starting out. 

Extremely affordable No wireless connectivity 
Good quality for the price Not many ways to customize it
5 channels 

Final Verdict

If we were to choose the best one amongst this list, it would undoubtedly be GoXLR. It offers the best quality and the design overall is great. A PC streamer can enjoy this more than any other with perfect channels and high sound quality. It has an app that allows you to make changes from another device. 

Choose any one of these audio mixers if GoXLR is heavy on your pocket and you won’t be disappointed either.  For a in-depth read on this topic, I suggest you have a look at Alex’s article on how to choose a good sound mixer for streaming. His website has some really good information about streaming.

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