5 Things You Should Know About Video Slots

For many people, reel machines and video slots are the same thing but this is far from the truth. Yes, you might use either machine to gamble but that’s where the similarities end.

In reality, each of these variations provide a different game experience and the extent of these differences will depend on the personal preference of the player.

But what does this actually mean?

Well, it means that modern “slot machines” come in all shapes and sizes. Most notably, players can now access these machines online which removes any need to visit an actual casino. In some cases, video slots are live, while others feature a storyline that helps drive the narrative of each game.

What’s more, the colorful and fun nature of these games have helped video slots games become one of the most popular games in online casinos. In fact, according to Lucian Marinescu of Online Casino Gems, this is really what sets video slots apart from traditional coin slots:

“It’s only when you start playing video slots that you realize how incredibly fun and exciting they can be. Many players even attribute their love for these video slots to the vibrant graphics and imagery that you simply will not find on any slot machine in the casino.”

It’s true, the gaming experience is quite different but many aspects or fundamentals of these games remain the same. In case you might not know, a random number generator picks a number sequence while the reels are spinning and this determines the outcome or payout for the game. And with more than 61% of online casino revenue coming from slots game according to GamblersDigest, it’s no wonder that slots games, and video slots in particular are becoming more and more popular over time. 

Anyway, here are five things that you should also know about video slots:

1. Understand this Useful Terminology for Video Slots

Pay Table – You will most often find the pay table at the top of your screen. Either way, this shows all the information in terms of rules, jackpots and payouts. You must read this section before getting started with any video slot.

Bet – As you might expect, this button will allow you to choose an amount and place a bet. As there are no coins involved, you will use “credits” and decide the number of paylines that you wish to bet.

Spin – Instead of pulling a lever, you press the spin button on a video slot. At this point, the reels will activate and you can win the jackpot by pressing this spin button at a very specific time.

 Spin Button – Traditional slot machines have levers. Today, those levers are purely for show, and instead of pulling a bar, you push the spin button to activate the reels. Win the jackpot by hitting the spin button at the precise millisecond!

Cash Out – Also known as a cash tray, you can click this button to collect your winnings. In other words, when you win on a video slot, this is where you will also find your total winnings. 

If you want to learn more about video slot games, you can learn from the pros. Check out this article summarizing the main tips from Brian Cristopher, widely considered one of the most prolific slots game players.

2. Play Within Your Means and Budget

Using video slots with credits or virtual money can sometimes feel like you are playing with fake money. It sounds rather silly but this is also rather true. Regardless, you should always protect your finances and play within your budget when it comes to video slots. For example, you might want to lower your bet on occasion and even stop playing when you reach a specified limit.

As a rule, it’s often a good strategy to have enough to cover 200 bets which should give you a pretty decent chance of lasting several hours. Also, try to pick video slots in which you will not lose half of our betting amount within just the first few minutes. Further, remember that slot machines don’t care about your feelings so never risk what you cannot afford and be willing to walk away when things don’t go to plan.

3. 5-Reel Video Slots Versus 3-Reel Slot Machines

Many players are only familiar with 3-reel slots but over time, 5-reel slots have become increasingly popular. But why might you want to know about this?

5-reel slots give you a better chance of winning. You see, there are more combinations on a 5-reel slot machine and more chances of a payout. For this reason, you can potentially win after a much shorter run and receive more free spins or bonuses as the game goes on. 

As for the appearance, these bigger video slots look better and make for a much more exciting game but then you will only believe this to be true when you try them out for yourself.

4. Online Casinos and Video Slots are Not Fixed Against Players

For many years, online users avoided video slots as they simply did not trust computers. More specifically, they feared that these computers were “rigged” or fixed in such a way that the player would lose. However, random number generators ensure there is no repeating patterns in the games and the changes of winning are precisely the same as you will find in a conventional casino.

And think about it:

Why would online casinos be so popular if players were not winning on these video slots? For example, Slots.lv is a popular online destination which, according to Weekly Slots News, offers hundreds of online promotions and slots games for the gambler who doesn’t want to leave the comfort of their home. Like them, there are literally hundreds of other online platforms which offer similar promotions for slots games alone.

As with most games at the casino, players indulge in a game of chance and one that provides much the same return on investment as they might experience at a real casino.

5. Choose a Trusted Online Casino Video Slots

Many myths surround the convention slot machine but Lucian Marinescu of Online Casino Gems is also quick to clear up some of these myths and help players understand what they need to know.

“People like to move around between machines at the casino but contrary to popular belief, slot machines are never “due” a win. It’s the same online and no amount of starting over on a different machine or game will help your chances of winning. Of course, it’s important to pick a trusted online casino for video slots but no amount of myths will help you make the most of your money.”

Moral of the story: If your objective is to win, just choose a trusted casino and stick with the game plan.

Now, is there anything else you would like to know about video slots?

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