Journey Through Ancient History With These Jackpot King Slot Games!

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Discover how fun delving into the past can be with these top three ancient history Jackpot King slot games. With exciting symbols and impressive graphics, these slot games are all connected to the Jackpot King network – a progressive prize pot that is up for grabs, with a chance to claim every time you play! So, come and join the Vikings, emperors, and historic figures and venture across dynasties and eras for your chance to win the jackpot. 

Wonder of Ages

Regulars to Jackpot King on Paddy Power may know that Wonder of Ages was added to the Jackpot King series by leading UK based game studio, Blueprint Gaming, back in March 2020.

The wonders of ancient times come to life with this slot game. The five-reel slot, with 20 pay-lines, features five famous historical figures as the main symbols from Roman emperors to Cleopatra – who if you match can gain you a massive multiplier of 200x. There is also the chance to enter the Jackpot King progressive prize system with any spin and stake. 

Jo Purvis, Director of Marketing and Relationships at Blueprint Gaming, said that Wonder of Ages, “is a wonder to behold as we unite legends of a bygone era to award big wins through this immersive new slot.

“With four bonus rounds available and the inclusion of the Jackpot King pot adding an extra layer of excitement to every spin, Wonder of Ages is a stellar addition to our ever-expanding portfolio of games.”

The bonus features include the likes of Empire of Rome Free Spins, Wonders of Egypt Free Spins, Rise of Greece Free Spins and Mighty Dynasty Free Spins, all of which are revealed after selecting coins during the Wonder of Ages’ bonus picker round.

Vikings of Fortune

Another successful title from Blueprint Gaming, Vikings of Fortune will electrify your screens with the drama and excitement of Norse mythology and Viking battles. Symbols of the Viking era are aplenty with both Odin and Thor making an appearance. The Thunder Streak Wild is also a feature to look out for – it covers the centre pay-line and you can achieve a colossal win with extra spins if triggered! 

With Vikings of Fortune consisting of five reels, three rows and 20 pay-lines, the wild lighting sword is what you need to yield all the power, as matching five along a pay-line will gain you 10,000x your bet jackpot. Are you worthy of the power of Thor’s thunder and lightning? Play Vikings of Fortune to find out! 

Ave Caesar

For a more comical option, but still with a historical theme, Ave Caesar features a five-reel slot with 20 different pay-lines. Match two, three, four or five symbols on one of the pay-lines to win. Plus of course, the chance to win the ultimate Jackpot King prize pot! Travel to ancient Rome with this slot game and enjoy plenty of special extras, including game modifiers and bonus rounds. 

But what are the game modifiers you may ask? During play, you could find a famous general appear randomly, with the Hannibal’s Heroes feature, summoning his heard of elephants to the reels, dropping wilds into play as they march. Or perhaps a Celtic Gaul will appear on the screen to encourage stone-throwing – every symbol the stones land on will magically transform into a matching symbol and a new pay-out is made. Who knew history could be so fun? 

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