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In today’s pandemic ridden business world, communication is everything. People are challenged to run workshops virtually, make sales pitches from home, even raise funds for their start-ups remotely. Things that in the past could be sorted over water cooler chats now require calendar meetings and often formal discussions on platforms like MS Teams and Zoom. Business professionals and entrepreneurs are constantly trying to adjust to the new reality.

To help anyone and everyone in the same boat, I decided to give a chance to SlideUpLift, which is an online platform that helps professionals make PowerPoint presentations. The platform contains an online library of pre-designed presentation templates and other PowerPoint resources like icons, themes, backgrounds, and presentation decks.  

What is SlideUpLift?

SlideUpLift is an online library of PowerPoint resources targeted towards business professionals and educators who rely on PowerPoint presentations to share their ideas and communicate. Considering the stronghold that MS PowerPoint has in the business communication industry, it wouldn’t be wrong to presume that most people reading this review use PowerPoint in one way or the other.

SlideUpLift claims to be built upon vision science and storytelling principles, which I believe cannot be refuted considering the quality of the presentation templates they offer.

With a massive collection of infographic PowerPoint templates, SlideUpLift offers business professionals the ability to create visually appealing presentations, be it sales pitches, start-up decks, workshop material, project documents, etc. The platform also contains many tools to emphasize the story, including professional Icons, Silhouettes, 3D Isometrics, Models, etc. Many are free to use.


Deeply curated content: PowerPoint resources offered by SlideUpLift are highly comprehensive and cover every field of business. As a business-person, you wouldn’t be disappointed considering the extensive collection of PowerPoint templates for project management, marketing, finance, and HR managers. The templates can be easily customized and integrated to work with Google Slides, making it extremely easy to share via Gmail.

Variety: As mentioned, SlideUpLift has an extensive collection of PowerPoint templates that they have categorized in a user-friendly way. SlideUpLift has more than 100 + templates for the executive summary, timelines, and SWOT, etc. I also found 3D Isometrics, Silhouettes, ready to use PowerPoint Decks in abundance.

Besides PowerPoint templates, they have a significant collection of vector icons that will help reduce your reliance on text-based slides that run the risk of becoming wordy and, therefore, unappealing.

If you like to insert animations in your PowerPoint presentations, you can check out their animation templates collection. I personally liked this 30 60 90 day template.

User Interface: You will be easily able to find the template/resource you’re looking for by either searching for the resource directly in the search bar or going through the meticulously categorized menu on the home page. The user interface is friendly and clean.

Pricing Flexibility: Unlike other websites, you will not be forced to buy a membership. You can easily purchase a single template/icon if need be. I liked that flexibility, which, unfortunately, as of now, isn’t offered by any other platform. I would strongly recommend that you buy a membership if you are a regular user of PowerPoint. 

Reasonable Prices: To add to it, I found their templates very reasonably priced. Some of them are as low as 2.49 dollars. Not only that, they have quite a big library of free PowerPoint templates to choose from, and all of them are of good quality. 

PowerPoint Add-In: Another great feature is the PowerPoint add-in. I just downloaded the Add-In, and the ease with which I could browse through templates from within the PowerPoint really impressed me. It lets me look up templates and download them from within PowerPoint. A great tool to increase your productivity.


Remote working is certainly a reality today, and it may stay longer than we would like. In such circumstances, slide decks end up taking disproportionate importance in determining the success of presentation efforts. Using SlideUpLift Presentation Templates, presenters can differentiate themselves with an enormous visual impact on their audience with minimum time investment.

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