Should I partner with Influencers?

Dedicated followers of social media news will have recently been made aware that a certain Kylie Jenner attaches a price tag of $1.2m to just one Instagram post. Yep. Over a million bucks to have KJ hold up your product and smile for a photo. How can she charge such extortionate rates, you may ask, and who is paying these prices? The answers are ‘very easily’ and ‘everyone if they can afford it’ in that order.

You see, through her appearances as a reality TV star, and thanks to her subsequent success in the cosmetics industry, she has built up a Top 5 Instagram following. As in, there are only four people in the world with more followers (or should I say three people, as the top spot goes to the Instagram platform itself, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, and The Rock). 

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This means that when Kylie posts something, almost 190million people see it in their feed that day, that hour, that minute. Time these things just right and the possibilities are … well, that 190 million people might click on your product (incidentally, you can time your social media posts to great effect, too – find out more). Perhaps it’s worth looking into partnering with a social media influencer after all…

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Social media has birthed a new generation of following style. Prior to the advent of apps and daily posts, people followed the tabloid media to get their fix of goings on. This meant a daily scrap to produce train-wreck-heavy content that screamed for attention. 

These days, people choose to follow content creators who make the most relevant content to their lives. The days of drunk and disorderly celebs drawing our attention are over. Now we have a choice. Enjoy watching people unbox shoes? There are content creators for that. Prefer cooking? Go nuts. There are channels and accounts for just about every walk of life.

If you know that your target audience is tuning in to content creators that resonate with your product, you could be missing out by not engaging with the influencer.  

Take the pressure off yourself 

Engaging with social media influencers is a shortcut to generating leads and sales. Think about it. Someone else has already done all of the hard work in gaining a following with which you share industry relevance. For example, if you sell sports gear, there are social media influencers who produce content on sports as a whole and on individual teams and players. Timing your paid partnership to coincide with major sporting events can mean your product gets seen by a huge audience. Make sense? Well worth thinking about. 

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