The Best Tools for YouTube Content Creators

Getting more views, subscribers and comments on your videos can be a challenge for even the most seasoned YouTubers. From formatting and adding tags, video editing and channel promotion, there are a million things that content creators have to do to make their work shine. The best tools for YouTubers and content creators handle everything for you so you have one less thing to worry about.

Screen Recording Software–Camtasia

If you’re going to create explainer videos, you need screen sharing software. Camtasia is one of the most popular applications for screen recording, and you can simply record your screen for your viewers to follow along. With this software, you can create your own segments to add to your existing videos or create brand new ones. There are many screen recording applications on the market, so play around with them to see which one works best for your channel.

Cross Promotion Apps–Woobox

One of the best ways to gain more subscribers, views and followers is to promote your YouTube channel across channels. With Woobox, you can post your YouTube videos to Facebook instantly, allowing your followers to watch your channel without ever leaving the app. Woobox is a great way to repurpose your content and reach your followers where they are anyway.

Video Creation Software–Adobe

Adobe delivers an amazing suite of tools, from design tools to stock photos and b-roll. Adobe Premiere is one of the best video maker software on the market, and you can edit in 8K, virtual reality—you name it. A favorite of both amateur and professional videographers, Adobe Premiere works well with Photoshop, After Effects and Stock.

Keyword Research— YouTube Keyword Tool

Knowing which keywords your viewers are searching for is vital for your page’s success. The YouTube Keyword Tool will help you to identify which keywords you will need to get better page views and attract the attention of the search engines. The keyword research tool drills down long and short tail keywords and phrases and helps you to create the best headlines for your channel. Best of all, it’s free so this tool is great for new creators.

Monetizing Your Content–Smartzer

If you want to sell products on your channel or send links to your affiliates, the last thing you want to do is send your viewers away from your video. With Smartzer, you can embed your products into your channel and allow your viewers to buy without ever leaving your content. With Smartzer you can make your content interactive and generate more income from your page.


Do you need transcription for your videos? Do you want to include a written transcript of your video that you can include with your content? Trint is one of the best ways to attach text to your videos so you and your viewers can easily search for the information they need. Using speech to text software, Trint makes it easy for you to offer convenient transcripts for your viewers.

Streaming–Cameleon Live

With Cameleon Live, you can stream your content between YouTube and Facebook at the same time. Live stream an event, a talk or a product demonstration simultaneously, reaching far more viewers than you can on only one platform. You can even use multiple cameras for the most effective results. Cameleon Live is free for Apple users and available to Windows users for a small fee.

Thumbnail Creation—Canva

Canva is like having your very own graphic designer on your team. The thumbnail is the first thing that people will see when they search for a channel. Use the Canva app to create beautiful thumbnails that will make your videos stand out from the crowd. You can also use Canva to create an intro video, cover photo or outro graphics. Canva is also great for creating ads to promote your channel on other social media sites.

B-Roll Footage–Videvo

Sometimes you need some stock video footage to make your videos more interesting. Videvo offers b-roll footage, 4K video, motion graphics, music and sound effects. B-roll footage can be excellent for showing perspective or for bridging gaps in your videos. You can use drone 4k videos with voiceovers for even more dramatic effect. Videvo offers free footage and premium footage for a small membership fee.

When it comes to creating and managing a YouTube channel that explodes in popularity, you need the right tools for the job. From video editing software to graphic design services, keyword research tools and social media management, there are great tools on the market that will help you to grow your channel.

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