The Inside Scoop of Public Adjusters

You will need a professional that works efficiently and quickly to recover the full losses that you attained after a major damage to your business or home. A public adjuster can be very helpful in helping with the negotiation with your insurance provider because they have the tactics and experience in handling those types of companies. You can also negotiate the percentage that the public adjuster will be charging you (contingency fee) before you sign any contract or agree to anything. It is always important to become educated before planning. You should know what is to be expected. These following questions pertain to public adjuster’s job:

FAQ: Public Adjusters

Question:  What do Public Adjusters do exactly?

Answer: They represent policyholders for property damage claims and hold a license within the state that they practice.

Question: Where can I search for a P.A?

Answer:  National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters is a website that can be used to find a P.A. It is an organization that provides the regulation for public adjusters.

Question: How Can I be Sure that I am Going to Hire the Right public adjuster for me?

Answer: Well, you could do many things like have an interview with them in-person and ask many questions regarding your claim. In addition, you could request that they provide you with some references. Furthermore, you could check the status of their license to make sure that it is up-to-date.

Question: Should a public adjuster be ruled out automatically if I found that they had complaints filed against them?

Answer: If the complaint is just for one incident, then I believe you should give the public adjuster the benefit of the doubt and ask them about that occurrence.

Question: What can I expect for my P.A to charge me?

Answer: Most public adjusters work on contingency fees. You can expect to be charged anywhere between 10-20% depending on the nature of the damages.

Question: Should a public adjuster be hired for every property loss insurance claim?

Answer: No. There are many variables like the experience of the policyholder dealing with claims before, the size of the loss, and the policy that they hold.

These are some questions that go further into a public adjuster’s day-to-day work. Give a call to our Miami Public adjuster firm for any additional inquiries. All your needs will be thoroughly assessed and addressed at our firm.

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