How to Reset a Bad Work Day

Reset bad work day

Every day is not all sunshine and daisies. All of us have our ups and downs. The reasons could be complex or simple. It could be nothing or everything. When you can take a break from your routine, then well done, because that break will be your chance to recover. But most of us cannot afford a break when we choose to. We need troubleshooting methods for ourselves when we have our bad days and when they extend into our work lives as bad work days.

1. Accept it because when happy days are ours to keep, even our glum days are ours. Accepting it is the first step for a sooner recovery from a bad mood. It is not wrong to get glum. It is very much a natural phenomenon and happens to every living being on earth. Accept it, understand yourself, try to find a solution to the cause of the bad mood (if you are sure of the cause) and this will actually induce high intensity focus and thinking which is a really good thing.

2. Compartmentalization. Learn to sort different parts of your life like home, friends, family, friends, hobbies into separate compartments. So, even after a bad work day, you can leave that at work, go out of your workplace, relax or have a crazy night out. You can then process the day’s events after that tiny but much needed break.

3. The Venting Session. Call your best friend or the person you want to and rant, grumble and get it all out of your system. Don’t carry it over or keep the session too long. Moan for some time and then forget it or solve it and get yourself happier.

4. If the reason for the bad work day is some work related stress, try analyzing it, evaluate it and how it is supposed to have an impact on you. List out the pros and cons, get some advice if you need or some opinions. If the number of disadvantages seems higher, get a plan straightened to work this stress causing idea to your advantage and loosen yourself.

5. Get out. Walk under the sun, get some ice cream or fries. Take a walk around the park or window shop in the nearby mall. Get coffee, have an hour’s gossip with your besties, listen to music, watch a comedy show, call home, pet animals or have a conversation with a kid. This will have your dopamine levels increasing, getting your mood back to happy and smiling.

6. Have a conversation with your boss, talk to your coworkers in a polite manner. Make sure to avoid any kind of tiff or argument. Remember to be the bigger person. Think twice before you say something out loud or take any action. Do not mix personal and professional lives together.

Nothing remains for the permanent future. So, even the bad days will change to happy days. Remember to ensure you are caring for yourself including the factor of resting when you are ill. Rest assured, you can grab your work and just enjoy every moment of it.

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