Radium2 Capital: 6 Unique Ways To Use Funding To Grow Your Business


At Radium2 Capital, they make it their business to help businesses get the working capital you need to succeed. Whether it is start-up capital or capital needed for expansion, Radium2 Capital can meet all your financing needs. Once an individual enters into a business relationship with Radium2 Capital, that connection is one formed under the premise of growth, and as such, the numerous repayment options available are tailored to the individual so as not to undercut any profits. If you are considering a business venture, consider Radium2 Capital as the ideal business partner in growth through their simple application, funding, and repayment process.

When it comes to growing your business, funding can help in more than the obvious ways. Below are six unique ways using a merchant cash advance can help grow your business.

1) Hiring a Marketing Expert

Marketing and advertising has always been a large part of a successful business venture, but in today’s digital world, it is more crucial than ever before. Marketing is not only about getting your name and brand out there, it is also about creating a strong online presence through engaging with potential customers on a variety of media platforms. Hiring a digital marketing expert can pay off in a big way. Using a merchant cash advance (MCA) to design and execute a thorough marketing and advertising campaign and bringing on an expert can increase web traffic to your site and help you cement a strong toehold in your chosen business niche.

2) Going to a Tradeshow

Business development is crucial to any business. Many times, growing your business requires you to get outside of the confines of your office space. While attending tradeshows may seems as not a necessity, it can very much lead to a very good return on your investment. Displaying your product or service to the masses at tradeshow, could be the one thing that takes your business to the next level.

3) Onboarding New Employees

If your business is expanding, one thing you will need are more employees. Using funding to increase and expand your team can help you serve your customers better. Currently, everything is about efficiency and speed. Instant service and answers to queries is just one expectation that customers have of the businesses they choose to support. If you want to keep up with the growing consumer preferences towards speed and efficiency, hiring new employees can help you provide that streamlined and speedy service the current market demands.

4) Developing a New Website

May times, your website is the first impressions customers have of your business, and many of those times it’s the only impression customers have. Customers want to do business in a flash, whether it is ordering clothing, food, or requesting a service, your website should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Using a MCA to update your website, can lead to more sales and business expansion.

5) Readying for the Busy Season

Most businesses have a slow and busy season. It can be extremely difficult for a business coming out of their down season to prepare for the upcoming busy season without some working capital to do so. Getting some funding can help a business be ready for their busy season so they can increase their profits; this will not only carry them through the next down season but can also help towards the repayment of the cash advance.

6) Opening More Locations

If your business is successful but has an untapped customer base due to restrictions in size or location, opening another location can allow your business to grow exponentially. Of course, this requires a significant amount of start-up capital, which is where funding comes in.

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